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Tom Lane 3c88199550 Further stabilize output from rolenames regression test. 6 hours ago
backend Revise RelationBuildRowSecurity() to avoid memory leaks. 8 hours ago
bin Fix handling of -d "connection string" in pg_dump/pg_restore. 2 days ago
common Rethink API for pg_get_line.c, one more time. 4 days ago
fe_utils Standardize the printf format for st_size 2 days ago
include Fix the logical replication from HEAD to lower versions. 23 hours ago
interfaces Remove arbitrary line length limit for libpq service files. 4 days ago
makefiles Remove libpq.rc, use win32ver.rc for libpq 8 months ago
pl Fix a few more generator scripts to produce pgindent-clean output. 5 days ago
port Add d_type to our Windows dirent emulation. 2 weeks ago
template Fix compiler warning for ppoll() on Cygwin 9 months ago
test Further stabilize output from rolenames regression test. 6 hours ago
timezone Ensure that distributed timezone abbreviation files are plain ASCII. 2 months ago
tools Defer flushing of SLRU files. 1 day ago
tutorial Remove support for postfix (right-unary) operators. 1 week ago
.gitignore Convert cvsignore to gitignore, and add .gitignore for build targets. 10 years ago
DEVELOPERS Replace a couple of references to files that no longer exist in the source 11 years ago
Makefile Fix partial-build problems introduced by having more generated headers. 2 years ago Split Makefile symbol CFLAGS_VECTOR into two symbols. 2 weeks ago
Makefile.shlib Add PostgreSQL home page to --help output 7 months ago NLS: Fix backend gettext triggers 1 year ago