36164 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Michael Paquier 783f0cc64d Improve performance of Unicode {de,re}composition in the backend 5 days ago
  Tom Lane 7d6d6bce43 Update time zone data files to tzdata release 2020d. 5 days ago
  Tom Lane c5054da0d7 Sync our copy of the timezone library with IANA release tzcode2020d. 5 days ago
  Tom Lane c16a1bbcf4 Add documentation and tests for quote marks in ECPG literal queries. 5 days ago
  Tom Lane 3dfb1942d9 Avoid premature de-doubling of quote marks in ECPG strings. 5 days ago
  Tom Lane 94929f1cf6 Clean up some unpleasant behaviors in psql's \connect command. 5 days ago
  Robert Haas 866e24d47d Extend amcheck to check heap pages. 6 days ago
  Peter Eisentraut f8721bd752 Use croak instead of die in Perl code when appropriate 6 days ago
  David Rowley e7c2b95d37 Optimize a few list_delete_ptr calls 6 days ago
  Tom Lane 85c54287af Fix connection string handling in psql's \connect command. 6 days ago
  Alvaro Herrera 831611b11c
Use fast checkpoint in PostgresNode::backup() 6 days ago
  Tom Lane 8a2121185b Remove the option to build thread_test.c outside configure. 1 week ago
  Peter Eisentraut 555eb1a4f0 Remove obsolete ifdefs 1 week ago
  Peter Eisentraut 8a58347a3c Fix -Wcast-function-type warnings on Windows/MinGW 1 week ago
  Michael Paquier 19ae53c92d Review format of code generated by PerfectHash.pm 1 week ago
  Alvaro Herrera bbb927b4db
Fix ALTER TABLE .. ENABLE/DISABLE TRIGGER recursion 1 week ago
  Amit Kapila 03d51b776d Change the attribute name in pg_stat_replication_slots view. 1 week ago
  Tom Lane 8e5793ab60 Fix connection string handling in src/bin/scripts/ programs. 1 week ago
  Tom Lane c8ab970179 Fix list-munging bug that broke SQL function result coercions. 1 week ago
  Heikki Linnakangas fb5883da86 Remove PartitionRoutingInfo struct. 1 week ago
  Heikki Linnakangas 6973533650 Revise child-to-root tuple conversion map management. 1 week ago
  Heikki Linnakangas f49b85d783 Clean up code to resolve the "root target relation" in nodeModifyTable.c 1 week ago
  Peter Eisentraut 26ec6b5948 Avoid invalid alloc size error in shm_mq 1 week ago
  Peter Eisentraut afa0d53d4d Improve whitespace 1 week ago
  David Rowley a90c950fc7 Prevent overly large and NaN row estimates in relations 1 week ago
  Tom Lane d5a9a661fc Update the Winsock API version requested by libpq. 1 week ago
  Tom Lane 929c69aa19 In pg_restore's dump_lo_buf(), work a little harder on error handling. 1 week ago
  Tom Lane 7d00a6b2de In libpq for Windows, call WSAStartup once and WSACleanup not at all. 1 week ago
  Tom Lane c4a803ac7e Update time zone data files to tzdata release 2020c. 1 week ago
  Tom Lane ce0e97f808 Sync our copy of the timezone library with IANA release tzcode2020c. 1 week ago
  Andres Freund fe2a16d8b3 llvmjit: Work around bug in LLVM 3.9 causing crashes after 72559438f9. 1 week ago
  Bruce Momjian 536de14e2b pg_upgrade: remove C99 compiler req. from commit 3c0471b5fd 1 week ago
  Bruce Momjian 3c0471b5fd pg_upgrade: generate check error for left-over new tablespace 1 week ago
  Andres Freund 72559438f9 llvmjit: Also copy parameter / return value attributes from template functions. 1 week ago
  Bruce Momjian a97e85f2be doc: improve description of synchronous_commit modes 1 week ago
  Alvaro Herrera 93f84d59f8 Revert "Remove pointless HeapTupleHeaderIndicatesMovedPartitions calls" 1 week ago
  Alvaro Herrera 85adb5e91e Remove pointless HeapTupleHeaderIndicatesMovedPartitions calls 1 week ago
  Alvaro Herrera 2203ede9ae Install pg_isolation_regress and isolationtester 1 week ago
  Alvaro Herrera b05fe7b442 Review logical replication tablesync code 1 week ago
  Heikki Linnakangas c5b097f8fa Refactor code for cross-partition updates to a separate function. 1 week ago
  Alvaro Herrera 7f47088183 Fix query in new test to check tables are synced 1 week ago
  Michael Paquier 86dba33217 Replace calls of htonl()/ntohl() with pg_bswap.h for GSSAPI encryption 1 week ago
  Fujii Masao 8176afd8b7 Improve tab-completion for FETCH/MOVE. 1 week ago
  David Rowley 110d81728a Fixup some appendStringInfo and appendPQExpBuffer calls 1 week ago
  Peter Eisentraut 73c381cee7 Add documentation link to attributes supported by Clang 1 week ago
  Thomas Munro 70516a178a Handle EACCES errors from kevent() better. 1 week ago
  Amit Kapila d7eb52d718 Execute invalidation messages for each XLOG_XACT_INVALIDATIONS message 1 week ago
  Alvaro Herrera 4e9821b6fa Restore replication protocol's duplicate command tags 1 week ago
  Thomas Munro b94109ce37 Make WL_POSTMASTER_DEATH level-triggered on kqueue builds. 1 week ago
  Heikki Linnakangas a04daa97a4 Remove es_result_relation_info from EState. 2 weeks ago