35674 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Joe Conway 96d1f423f9 Read until EOF vice stat-reported size in read_binary_file 6 hours ago
  Tom Lane ca5e93f769 Clamp total-tuples estimates for foreign tables to ensure planner sanity. 18 hours ago
  Tom Lane f7b5988cc0 Fix temporary tablespaces for shared filesets some more. 20 hours ago
  Tom Lane 1f902d499e Inline plpgsql's exec_stmt() into exec_stmts(). 21 hours ago
  Magnus Hagander ecd9e9f0bc Fix temporary tablespaces for shared filesets 1 day ago
  Peter Geoghegan 947456a823 Initialize work_mem using current guc.c default. 1 day ago
  Peter Geoghegan e25d462a38 nbtree: Rename _bt_search() variables. 1 day ago
  Michael Paquier 641dd167a3 Move description of libpqwalreceiver hooks out of the replication's README 2 days ago
  Michael Paquier 4315e8c23b Refactor ObjectAddress field assignments in more places 3 days ago
  Amit Kapila a69e041d0c Improve vacuum error context handling. 3 days ago
  Michael Paquier 684b4f29b7 Refactor creation of normal dependency records when creating extension 3 days ago
  Michael Paquier c4342c932a Fix removal of files generated by TAP tests for SSL 3 days ago
  David Rowley 40efbf8706 Further adjustments to Hashagg EXPLAIN ANALYZE output 3 days ago
  Michael Meskes e576f71fbe Fix ecpg crash with bytea and cursor variables. 4 days ago
  Fujii Masao 9bae7e4cde Add +(pg_lsn,numeric) and -(pg_lsn,numeric) operators. 4 days ago
  Michael Paquier 324435eb14 Prevent compilation of frontend-only files in src/common/ with backend 4 days ago
  Tom Lane ea57e531b9 Remove support for timezone "posixrules" file. 4 days ago
  Tom Lane c410af098c Mop up some no-longer-necessary hacks around printf %.*s format. 4 days ago
  Peter Geoghegan f7a476f0d6 nbtree: Correct inaccurate split location comment. 4 days ago
  Tom Lane 16e3ad5d14 Avoid using %c printf format for potentially non-ASCII characters. 5 days ago
  Peter Eisentraut 78c887679d Add current substring regular expression syntax 5 days ago
  Peter Eisentraut aafefb4dcb Clean up grammar a bit 5 days ago
  Michael Paquier 68de1440c7 Refactor ObjectAddress field assignments for type dependencies 5 days ago
  Tom Lane e1cc25f59a Fix list of SSL error codes for older OpenSSL versions. 6 days ago
  Tom Lane b63dd3d88f Add hints about protocol-version-related SSL connection failures. 1 week ago
  Tom Lane 6e682f61a5 Change libpq's default ssl_min_protocol_version to TLSv1.2. 1 week ago
  Amit Kapila e7b476c657 Remove duplicate check added by commit b2a5545bd6. 1 week ago
  Alvaro Herrera 4ae08cd5fd
Persist slot invalidation correctly 1 week ago
  Peter Geoghegan 10f1ab2cb8 Fix misuse of table_index_fetch_tuple_check(). 1 week ago
  Fujii Masao a82ba066ea Remove erroneous assertion from pg_copy_logical_replication_slot(). 1 week ago
  Tom Lane 235c0f6eed Fix compiler warning induced by commit d8b15eeb8. 1 week ago
  Alvaro Herrera b8fd4e02c6
Adjust max_slot_wal_keep_size behavior per review 1 week ago
  Alvaro Herrera 0188bb8253
Save slot's restart_lsn when invalidated due to size 1 week ago
  Alvaro Herrera 368d7f3297
Add parens to ConvertToXSegs macro 1 week ago
  Michael Paquier a3554b2d71 Fix comment in heap.c 1 week ago
  Tom Lane 63d2ac23b0 Undo double-quoting of index names in non-text EXPLAIN output formats. 1 week ago
  Michael Paquier 9550ea3027 Add --no-index-cleanup and --no-truncate to vacuumdb. 1 week ago
  Alexander Korotkov a44dd932ff Fix masking of SP-GiST pages during xlog consistency check 2 weeks ago
  Noah Misch d28ab91e71 Remove dead forceSync parameter of XactLogCommitRecord(). 2 weeks ago
  Amit Kapila 74b4d78e03 Removal unused function parameter in CopyReadBinaryAttribute. 2 weeks ago
  Alvaro Herrera ae3259c550
Ensure write failure reports no-disk-space 2 weeks ago
  Tom Lane 2c8ef9363d Future-proof regression tests against possibly-missing posixrules file. 2 weeks ago
  Peter Geoghegan be14f884d5 Fix deduplication "single value" strategy bug. 2 weeks ago
  Fujii Masao f9e9704f09 Fix issues in invalidation of obsolete replication slots. 2 weeks ago
  David Rowley 9bdb300ded Fix EXPLAIN ANALYZE for parallel HashAgg plans 2 weeks ago
  Andres Freund f219167910 Clean up includes of s_lock.h. 2 weeks ago
  Andres Freund cf1234a10e Fix deadlock danger when atomic ops are done under spinlock. 3 weeks ago
  Andres Freund 3b37a6de02 Add basic spinlock tests to regression tests. 3 weeks ago
  Michael Paquier b48df818dc Fix oldest xmin and LSN computation across repslots after advancing 2 weeks ago
  Peter Eisentraut 0a40563ead Disallow factorial of negative numbers 2 weeks ago