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PostgreSQL tests

This directory contains a variety of test infrastructure as well as some of the
tests in PostgreSQL. Not all tests are here -- in particular, there are more in
individual contrib/ modules and in src/bin.

Not all these tests get run by "make check". Check src/test/Makefile to see
which tests get run automatically.

Tests for authentication

Demonstration programs for libpq that double as regression tests via
"make check"

Tests for concurrent behavior at the SQL level

Sanity checks for locale data, encodings, etc

Tests for multibyte encoding (UTF-8) support

Extensions used only or mainly for test purposes, generally not suitable
for installing in production databases

Infrastructure for Perl-based TAP tests

Test suite for recovery and replication

PostgreSQL's main regression test suite, pg_regress

Tests to exercise and verify SSL certificate handling

Tests for logical replication

A thread-safety-testing utility used by configure