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Zephyr SDK

The Zephyr Software Development Kit (SDK) includes the toolchains for all
supported target architectures as well as the host tools, such as QEMU and
OpenOCD, for testing and debugging the Zephyr RTOS.

The toolchains for the following target architectures are supported:

  • ARC (32-bit and 64-bit; ARCv1, ARCv2, ARCv3)
  • ARM (32-bit and 64-bit; ARMv6, ARMv7, ARMv8; A/R/M Profiles)
  • MIPS (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Nios II
  • RISC-V (32-bit and 64-bit; RV32I, RV32E, RV64I)
  • x86 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Xtensa (sample_controller, intel_apl_adsp, intel_bdw_adsp, intel_byt_adsp,
    intel_s1000, nxp_imx_adsp, nxp_imx8m_adsp, espressif_esp32, espressif_esp32s2)

The following host tools are available as part of the Zephyr SDK:

  • OpenOCD
  • QEMU
  • Xilinx QEMU


The Zephyr SDK bundle releases are available for the following host platforms:

  • Linux (AArch64, x86-64)
  • macOS (AArch64, x86-64)
  • Windows (x86-64)

These binaries can be downloaded from here:

Build Process

The Zephyr Project maintains the infrastructure necessary to build and test the
Zephyr SDK, and it is highly recommended to utilise this infrastructure for
generating the Zephyr SDK binaries.

When you submit a pull request to the Zephyr SDK repository, CI will
automatically build and test the Zephyr SDK with the changes in the pull
request and upload the binaries to the pull request check run, which you can
download for further local testing as necessary.

Locally building the Zephyr SDK is currently not supported because setting up
the environment to do so is highly complex and the resource requirements far
exceed what is found on common developer machines.

Release Process

To create a new Zephyr SDK release:

  • Update the VERSION file with the new version (e.g. 0.11.0 or 0.11.0-beta1)
  • On, create a new tag
    named with the version number prefixed with v (e.g. for the version 0.11.0,
    the tag name should be v0.11.0) and add the release information.
  • Once the release is published, CI will build the Zephyr SDK bundles for all
    supported host platforms and will upload the binaries to the release page.