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At webpack we use yarn to execute commands.

If you already have yarn installed, do: yarn setup. This will complete all required steps.

If not, do: npm run setup, the setup will also install yarn for you.

That’s all.

Setup manually

Setup your local webpack repository

git clone
cd webpack
npm install -g yarn
yarn link
yarn link webpack

To run the entire test suite use

yarn test

To run only integration tests use

yarn test:integration

or in watch mode

yarn test:integration --watch

To run only unit tests use

yarn test:unit

or in watch mode

yarn test:unit --watch

To update Jest snapshots use

yarn test:update-snapshots

To run code formatter (prettier) run

yarn pretty-lint-fix

To run all linters use

This performs linting on:

  • eslint (code-lint script)
  • schema + dependencies (jest-lint script)
  • types (type-lint script)
  • format + generated files (special-lint script)
yarn lint

To run only the typechecker use

yarn type-lint

or incremental (in watch mode)

yarn type-lint --watch

To update all examples use

yarn build:examples

To update a specific example use

cd examples/<path to example>
node build.js