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Definitely for advanced users.

Keep Github issues for actual bugs. User support is /r/uMatrix.

Forked and refactored from HTTP Switchboard.

Install manually the latest release, or install from:

You may contribute with translation work:

HTTP Switchboard's documentation is still relevant, except for uMatrix's differences with HTTP Switchboard.

You may contribute with documentation: uMatrix's wiki.


Regarding broken sites

uMatrix does not guarantee that sites will work fine: it is for advanced users who can figure how to un-break sites, because essentially uMatrix is a firewall which works in relaxed block-all/allow-exceptionally mode out of the box: it is not unexpected that sites will break.

So this means do not file issues to report broken sites when the sites are broken because uMatrix does its job as expected. I will close any such issue without further comment.

Using uMatrix logger is key to un-break sites: the logger will show you all that uMatrix does internally.

I expect there will be community driven efforts for users to help each others. If uMatrix had a home, I would probably set up a forum, but I do not plan for such thing, I really just want to code, not manage web sites. If you need help to un-break a site when using uMatrix, you can try Wilders Security, where you are likely to receive help if needed, whether by me or other users.

uMatrix can be set to work in allow-all/block-exceptionally mode with a single click on the all cell in the global scope *, if you prefer to work this way. This will of course break less sites, but you would then lose all the benefits which comes with block-all/allow-exceptionally mode -- though you will still benefit from the 62,000+ blacklisted hostnames by default.