11250 Commits (unstable)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Binbin 35e836c26d
Add SENTINEL command flag to CLIENT/COMMANDS subcommands (#10904) 4 hours ago
Wen Hui 51da5c3dde
Fix CLUSTER RESET command argument number issue (#10898) 2 days ago
jonnyomerredis 35c2ee8716
Add sharded pubsub keychannel count to client info (#10895) 2 days ago
Tian 069b30a2b3
A minor refinement to clusterbus extension estlen (#10902) 3 days ago
Viktor Söderqvist 6af021007a
Add missing REDISMODULE_CLIENTINFO_INITIALIZER (#10885) 3 days ago
RinChanNOW! 2854637385
Support conversion between `RedisModuleString` and `unsigned long long` (#10889) 4 days ago
Binbin d443e312ad
redis-server command line arguments allow passing config name and value in the same arg (#10866) 4 days ago
Viktor Söderqvist 6272ca609e
Add RM_SetClientNameById and RM_GetClientNameById (#10839) 4 days ago
Binbin d96cf3639a
Sync argv_len var back after command call in execCommand (#10900) 4 days ago
Elvina Yakubova e2cf386765
Replace regular array to array of structs to get rid of false sharing (#10892) 4 days ago
Steve Lorello a64b29485d
changing min,max in ZRANGE -> start stop (#10097) 5 days ago
WuYunlong 64205345bc
migrateGetSocket() cleanup.. (#5546) 1 week ago
Binbin 755b51a42c
When dirCreateIfMissing or openNewIncrAofForAppend fail, set aof_lastbgrewrite_status to err (#10775) 1 week ago
(╯°□°)╯︵ uᴉǝssnH ɐɟɐʇsoW c52922e1d9
command prompt help: add stdin config usage (#6313) 1 week ago
judeng d2405b9b6b
fix benchmark failure in daily test with TLS (#10896) 1 week ago
Binbin aabce8932a
Add bus_port argument in cluster-meet.json (#10304) 1 week ago
judeng 49876158cc
fix redis-benchmark's bug: check if clients are created successfully in idle mode (#10891) 1 week ago
Viktor Söderqvist 02acb8fd3a
Module API docs corrections (#10890) 1 week ago
Meir Shpilraien (Spielrein) 61baabd8d5
Fix crash on RM_Call with script mode. (#10886) 1 week ago
Vlad a3fdc9cd82
Outdated comments, replace COUNTER_INIT_VAL with LFU_INIT_VAL, fix typo (#10888) 1 week ago
Bar Shaul 091701f363
Set replicas' configEpoch to 0 when loaded from cluster configuration file (#10798) 1 week ago
judeng ff6419658b
Optimize the performance of clusterSendPing for large clusters (#10624) 1 week ago
Tian 99a425d0f3
Fsync directory while persisting AOF manifest, RDB file, and config file (#10737) 1 week ago
Moti Cohen 4c72a09b78
Fix sentinel acl change test. Timing issue. (#10868) 2 weeks ago
Masahiro Ide f2387daa83
Fix a prototype inconsitency of `_serverAssert` between redisassert.h and redis.h (#10872) 2 weeks ago
Wen Hui c37d63e87a
DEPRECATED rename-command config in sentinel (#10877) 2 weeks ago
Chris Lamb a4754e228f
Correct 'certificate' typo. (#10867) 2 weeks ago
Oran Agra 2189100383
optimize zset conversion on large ZRANGESTORE (#10789) 2 weeks ago
Oran Agra 8ef4f1dbad
Script that made modification will not break with unexpected NOREPLICAS error (#10855) 2 weeks ago
Oran Agra ffa0077041
Allow ECHO in loading and stale modes (#10853) 2 weeks ago
hdyztmdqd c65e5087e8
Fix 2 comments in dict.c & redis-cli.c (#10860) 2 weeks ago
Huang Zhw 78960ad57b
Throw -TRYAGAIN instead of -ASK on migrating nodes for multi-key commands when the node only has some of the keys (#9526) 2 weeks ago
Binbin 0a2f78837d
redis-check-rdb add when_opcode check for module aux (#10859) 2 weeks ago
XiongDa d4595dd94f
Fix typo in replication.c (#10854) 2 weeks ago
Johannes Truschnigg 9f3b410050
Correctly check for vm.overcommit_memory == 0 (#10841) 3 weeks ago
XiongDa abb2ea7e3c
Fix 3 comments in server.c (#10844) 3 weeks ago
Binbin 92fb4f4f61
Fixed SET and BITFIELD commands being wrongly marked movablekeys (#10837) 3 weeks ago
Binbin 62ac1ab007
Fix crash when overcommit_memory is inaccessible (#10848) 3 weeks ago
Christian Krieg 032619b82b
Fixing test to consider statically linked binaries (#10835) 3 weeks ago
Wen Hui 6e1c3ff132
Update some comments in stream command docs (#10821) 3 weeks ago
Steve Lorello 9e40b076dd
Module api doc generator, fixing issue with negative lookback terminating at "." (#10832) 3 weeks ago
Petr Vaněk f22bfe86b6
Update musl libc detection pattern (#10826) 3 weeks ago
Binbin ae9764ea0a
Increment the stat_rdb_saves counter in SAVE command (#10827) 3 weeks ago
ls-2018 b8665b879b
fix unused argument warning in ae_select.c (#10824) 3 weeks ago
Bjorn Svensson 1067cfb34b
Documentation fixes of `BITFIELD_RO` and `XINFO STREAM` (#10823) 3 weeks ago
Binbin 3d56f607b7
Handle multiple_token flag in generate-command-help.rb (#10822) 3 weeks ago
ranshid b4772f6381
Fix bitfield_ro documentation (#10820) 3 weeks ago
Oran Agra b0272252f7
update help.h (#10818) 3 weeks ago
Oran Agra 475563e2e9
crash report instructions (#10816) 3 weeks ago
DarrenJiang13 f558583493
Split instantaneous_repl_total_kbps to instantaneous_input_repl_kbps and instantaneous_output_repl_kbps. (#10810) 3 weeks ago