47462 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Tom Lane c245776906 Remove lappend_cell...() family of List functions. 7 hours ago
  Tom Lane 2f5b8eb5a2 Clean up some ad-hoc code for sorting and de-duplicating Lists. 8 hours ago
  Tom Lane 569ed7f483 Redesign the API for list sorting (list_qsort becomes list_sort). 8 hours ago
  Michael Paquier 0896ae561b Fix inconsistencies and typos in the tree 20 hours ago
  Tom Lane 4c3d05d875 Remove dead code. 20 hours ago
  Bruce Momjian c6bce6ebb6 doc: mention pg_reload_conf() for reloading the config file 23 hours ago
  Thomas Munro 5823677acc Provide pgbench --show-script to dump built-in scripts. 1 day ago
  Thomas Munro ce8f946764 Report the time taken by pgbench initialization steps. 1 day ago
  Peter Geoghegan bfdbac2ab3 Correct nbtsplitloc.c comment. 1 day ago
  Peter Geoghegan e3899ffd8b Fix pathological nbtree split point choice issue. 1 day ago
  Tom Lane 1cff1b95ab Represent Lists as expansible arrays, not chains of cons-cells. 1 day ago
  Thomas Munro 67b9b3ca32 Provide XLogRecGetFullXid(). 1 day ago
  Peter Eisentraut 5925e55498 Add gen_random_uuid function 2 days ago
  Alexander Korotkov 565f339000 Forgotten catversion bump 2 days ago
  Alexander Korotkov 075f0a880f Add support for <-> (box, point) operator to SP-GiST box_ops 2 days ago
  Alexander Korotkov c085e1c1cb Add support for <-> (box, point) operator to GiST box_ops 2 days ago
  Alexander Korotkov 6254c55f81 Add missing commutators for distance operators 2 days ago
  Andrew Gierth 6e74c64bcf Teach pg_stat_statements not to ignore FOR UPDATE clauses 2 days ago
  Thomas Munro 0369f47366 Fix documentation for pgbench tpcb-like. 2 days ago
  Noah Misch 8a0cbb8852 Revive test of concurrent OID generation. 3 days ago
  Michael Paquier 39aadc9842 Fix some inconsistencies in MSVC scripts 3 days ago
  Michael Paquier 170d11b8e7 Fix and improve several places in the docs 3 days ago
  Thomas Munro 5b51bbfbd5 Fix tab completion for UPDATE. 3 days ago
  Thomas Munro 7bdc6556fb Tab completion for CREATE TYPE. 3 days ago
  Thomas Munro b91dd9de5e Forward received condition variable signals on cancel. 3 days ago
  Thomas Munro 1321509fa4 Introduce timed waits for condition variables. 3 days ago
  Thomas Munro b31fbe852c Warn if wal_level is too low when creating a publication. 4 days ago
  Tom Lane d3751adcf1 Fix get_actual_variable_range() to cope with broken HOT chains. 4 days ago
  David Rowley cfde234939 Fix RANGE partition pruning with multiple boolean partition keys 4 days ago
  Alexander Korotkov 0cea6eb5a5 Fixes for jsonpath filter expression elements table in docs 5 days ago
  Tom Lane b5810de3f4 Reduce memory consumption for multi-statement query strings. 6 days ago
  Bruce Momjian 909a7b6b8e docs: remove pg_roles mention of the oid column being displayed 6 days ago
  Alvaro Herrera ec4eaab78b Mention limitation of unique in partitioned tables 6 days ago
  Michael Paquier fa19a08d71 Fix variable initialization when using buffering build with GiST 6 days ago
  Alexander Korotkov 5a7d697a39 Assorted fixes for jsonpath documentation 6 days ago
  David Rowley f7c830f1ab Fix missing calls to table_finish_bulk_insert during COPY, take 2 6 days ago
  Amit Kapila bd56cd75d2 Fix few typos and minor wordsmithing in tableam comments. 6 days ago
  Thomas Munro f5825853e3 Pass QueryEnvironment down to EvalPlanQual's EState. 1 week ago
  Alvaro Herrera 2c84ea6cf9 Propagate trigger arguments to partitions 1 week ago
  Peter Eisentraut e435c1e7d9 Message style improvements 1 week ago
  Thomas Munro cba0fe024e Force hash joins to be enabled in the hash join regression tests. 1 week ago
  Bruce Momjian 38c268dde0 doc: adjust to_timestamp()/to_date() wording 1 week ago
  Bruce Momjian ba09342518 Adjust ssl_ciphers to be specific to OpenSSL 1 week ago
  Bruce Momjian 481837783b Remove unused C structure member 1 week ago
  Robert Haas 554106b116 tableam: Provide helper functions for relation sizing. 1 week ago
  Peter Eisentraut 482501d433 doc: Clarify logical replication documentation 1 week ago
  Michael Paquier 6b8548964b Fix inconsistencies in the code 1 week ago
  Peter Eisentraut 7e9a4c5c3d Use consistent style for checking return from system calls 1 week ago
  Michael Paquier d1a040543b Remove more unreferenced function declarations 1 week ago
  Tom Lane fb30c9c1c5 In pg_log_generic(), be more paranoid about preserving errno. 1 week ago