48404 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Fujii Masao 41c184bc64 Add GUC ignore_invalid_pages. 19 hours ago
  Amit Kapila 79a3efb84d Fix the computation of max dead tuples during the vacuum. 20 hours ago
  Michael Paquier a904abe2e2 Fix concurrent indexing operations with temporary tables 21 hours ago
  Tom Lane 9b9c5f279e Clarify behavior of adding and altering a column in same ALTER command. 1 day ago
  Andres Freund affdde2e15 Fix edge case leading to agg transitions skipping ExecAggTransReparent() calls. 1 day ago
  Michael Paquier 62c9b52231 Add GUC variables for stat tracking and timeout as PGDLLIMPORT 1 day ago
  Tom Lane 31f403e95f Further tweaking of jsonb_set_lax(). 2 days ago
  Tom Lane cd23a2019c Fix pg_dump's sigTermHandler() to use _exit() not exit(). 2 days ago
  Heikki Linnakangas 4c87010981 Fix crash in BRIN inclusion op functions, due to missing datum copy. 2 days ago
  Amit Kapila 40d964ec99 Allow vacuum command to process indexes in parallel. 2 days ago
  Tom Lane 44f1fc8df5 Fix out-of-memory handling in ecpglib. 2 days ago
  Tom Lane 9c679a08f0 Silence minor compiler warnings. 3 days ago
  Heikki Linnakangas 7aaefadaac Remove separate files for the initial contents of pg_(sh)description 3 days ago
  Michael Paquier e0ed6817c0 Doc: Improve description of connection strings with Percent-encoding 3 days ago
  Tom Lane 34a0a81bfb Doc: rearrange the documentation of binary-string functions. 3 days ago
  Michael Paquier 41aadeeb12 Add GUC checks for ssl_min_protocol_version and ssl_max_protocol_version 4 days ago
  Alexander Korotkov 4b754d6c16 Avoid full scan of GIN indexes when possible 5 days ago
  Tom Lane 41c6f9db25 Repair more failures with SubPlans in multi-row VALUES lists. 5 days ago
  Alvaro Herrera 15cac3a523 Set ReorderBufferTXN->final_lsn more eagerly 5 days ago
  Tomas Vondra 543852fd8b Allocate freechunks bitmap as part of SlabContext 5 days ago
  Andrew Dunstan 4b0e0f67f2 bump catalog version as should have been done for jsonb_set_lax 5 days ago
  Andrew Dunstan a83586b554 Add a non-strict version of jsonb_set 5 days ago
  Michael Paquier f7cd5896a6 Move OpenSSL routines for min/max protocol setting to src/common/ 5 days ago
  Tom Lane 5afaa2e426 Rationalize code placement between wchar.c, encnames.c, and mbutils.c. 5 days ago
  Tom Lane 3d4cb5d6c1 Update header comments for wchar.c and encnames.c. 6 days ago
  Tom Lane e6afa8918c Move wchar.c and encnames.c to src/common/. 6 days ago
  Robert Haas 2eb34ac369 Fix problems with "read only query" checks, and refactor the code. 6 days ago
  Tom Lane 0db7c67051 Minor code beautification in regexp.c. 6 days ago
  Tom Lane 1281a5c907 Restructure ALTER TABLE execution to fix assorted bugs. 6 days ago
  Alvaro Herrera a166d408eb Report progress of ANALYZE commands 1 week ago
  Peter Eisentraut 16a4a3d59c Remove libpq.rc, use win32ver.rc for libpq 1 week ago
  Michael Paquier ac5bdf6261 Fix buggy logic in isTempNamespaceInUse() 1 week ago
  Amit Kapila 4d8a8d0c73 Introduce IndexAM fields for parallel vacuum. 1 week ago
  Peter Eisentraut fe233366f2 Fix compiler warning about format on Windows 1 week ago
  Bruce Momjian 0e936a2148 docs: change "default role" wording to "predefined role" 1 week ago
  Bruce Momjian 344c269151 Revert copyright script changes to binary *.key files 1 week ago
  Bruce Momjian 7316f11be0 tools/copyright.pl: skip copyright changes for *.key files 1 week ago
  Peter Eisentraut 3297308278 walreceiver uses a temporary replication slot by default 1 week ago
  Peter Eisentraut ee4ac46c8e Expose PQbackendPID() through walreceiver API 1 week ago
  Peter Eisentraut f595117e24 ALTER TABLE ... ALTER COLUMN ... DROP EXPRESSION 1 week ago
  Dean Rasheed d751ba5235 Make rewriter prevent auto-updates on views with conditional INSTEAD rules. 1 week ago
  Amit Kapila ed7bb5c311 Revert test added by commit d207038053. 1 week ago
  Tom Lane 7f380c59f8 Reduce size of backend scanner's tables. 1 week ago
  Peter Eisentraut 259bbe1778 Fix base backup with database OIDs larger than INT32_MAX 1 week ago
  Amit Kapila 23d0dfa8fa Fix typo. 1 week ago
  Michael Paquier 7689d907bb Fix comment in heapam.c 1 week ago
  Andrew Dunstan cebf9d6e6e Only superuser can set sslcert/sslkey in postgres_fdw user mappings 1 week ago
  Amit Kapila 4e514c6180 Delete empty pages in each pass during GIST VACUUM. 1 week ago
  Tomas Vondra eae056c19e Apply multiple multivariate MCV lists when possible 1 week ago
  Tomas Vondra aaa6761876 Apply all available functional dependencies 1 week ago