49512 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Amit Kapila d973747281 Revert "Track statistics for spilling of changes from ReorderBuffer". 8 hours ago
  Michael Paquier 5bfe6a3c48 Fix timestamp range handling in regression tests of modules/commit_ts/ 9 hours ago
  Michael Paquier ea3e15d169 Fix test failure with -DENFORCE_REGRESSION_TEST_NAME_RESTRICTIONS 22 hours ago
  Michael Paquier b1e48bbe64 Include replication origins in SQL functions for commit timestamp 23 hours ago
  Tom Lane cd22d3cdb9 Avoid useless buffer allocations during binary COPY FROM. 1 day ago
  Tom Lane ea9125304d Avoid trying to restore table ACLs and per-column ACLs in parallel. 1 day ago
  Peter Eisentraut 64fe120b57 doc: Add link from pg_dump --encoding to supported encodings 1 day ago
  Michael Paquier cc35d8933a Rename field "relkind" to "objtype" for CTAS and ALTER TABLE nodes 2 days ago
  Alexander Korotkov df646509f3 Forbid numeric NaN in jsonpath 2 days ago
  Alexander Korotkov 0657181167 Improve error reporting for jsonpath .double() method 2 days ago
  Tom Lane e91cd951b1 Doc: update or remove dead external links. 2 days ago
  Peter Eisentraut 72a16cb3ee Add missing <application> tags in application doc <refentrytitle>s 2 days ago
  Michael Paquier 61be85afab Revert "Remove reset of testtablespace from pg_regress on Windows" 3 days ago
  Peter Eisentraut ff61359ad7 Log the location field before any backtrace 3 days ago
  Alvaro Herrera 986529ce40
Remove WARNING message from brin_desummarize_range 3 days ago
  Tom Lane 183926da31 Fix pg_current_logfile() to not emit a carriage return on Windows. 3 days ago
  Tom Lane ffb4cee43b Further tighten Windows CRLF conversion in our TAP test scripts. 3 days ago
  Peter Eisentraut 991c444e7a pg_dump: Further reorganize getTableAttrs() 4 days ago
  Fujii Masao a5cd7047e7 doc: Correct the description about the length of pg_stat_activity.query. 4 days ago
  Tom Lane 91bdf499b3 Tighten up Windows CRLF conversion in our TAP test scripts. 4 days ago
  David Rowley 2b7dbc0db6 Fix whitespace in HashAgg EXPLAIN ANALYZE 4 days ago
  Andres Freund a9a4a7ad56 code: replace most remaining uses of 'master'. 3 weeks ago
  Andres Freund 7c89f8a5b8 docs: replace 'master process' with 'supervisor process' where appropriate. 3 weeks ago
  Andres Freund 09dfd43011 docs: replace 'master' with 'root' where appropriate. 3 weeks ago
  Andres Freund 9e101cf606 docs: replace 'master' with 'primary' where appropriate. 3 weeks ago
  Andres Freund e07633646a code: replace 'master' with 'leader' where appropriate. 4 weeks ago
  Andres Freund 5e7bbb5286 code: replace 'master' with 'primary' where appropriate. 4 weeks ago
  Andres Freund 229f8c219f tap tests: replace 'master' with 'primary'. 4 weeks ago
  Alvaro Herrera 2661a793ff
Don't treat DumpOptions->dump_inserts like a boolean 4 days ago
  Tom Lane 1c4e88e2fe Add test coverage for pg_current_logfile() function. 4 days ago
  Fujii Masao 654242fd81 Fix incorrect variable datatype. 4 days ago
  Peter Eisentraut eb2c8a8f81 Remove junk in test file 5 days ago
  Magnus Hagander 98f0eba5b7 Fix typo 5 days ago
  Fujii Masao 5e574d170e Fix function name in comment. 5 days ago
  Michael Paquier d92be26910 doc: Fix inconsistencies in GIN, BRIN and SP-GiST for optional opclass methods 5 days ago
  Tom Lane 3f96af4619 Un-break pg_upgrade from pre-v12 servers. 5 days ago
  Tom Lane f3faf35f37 Don't create pg_type entries for sequences or toast tables. 5 days ago
  Alvaro Herrera a8aaa0c786
Morph pg_replication_slots.min_safe_lsn to safe_wal_size 5 days ago
  Magnus Hagander 6a5c750f3f Check ssl_in_use flag when reporting statistics 5 days ago
  Peter Eisentraut 71ec58e7fc Resolve gratuitous tabs in test SQL file 6 days ago
  Peter Geoghegan 28c16f4947 Remove unnecessary PageIsEmpty() nbtree build check. 6 days ago
  Tom Lane f7f70d5e22 Create composite array types for initdb-created relations. 6 days ago
  Peter Eisentraut bae9e8a58b Fix typo in test 1 week ago
  Fujii Masao 321fa6a4a2 doc: Add note about possible performance overhead by enabling track_planning. 1 week ago
  Michael Paquier aa38434824 Refactor routines for name lookups of procedures and operators 1 week ago
  Amit Kapila 04c7f4144f Remove extra whitespace in comments atop ReorderBufferCheckMemoryLimit. 1 week ago
  Michael Paquier 1185c78294 Add new flag to format_type_extended() to get NULL for undefined type 1 week ago
  Amit Kapila 231ef5b90d Remove unused function parameter in end_parallel_vacuum. 1 week ago
  Michael Paquier 404b912c5c Improve perl script in MSVC to build binaries 1 week ago
  Tom Lane fe2e206cdb Inline the fast path of plpgsql's exec_cast_value(). 1 week ago