49888 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Tom Lane 28a61fc6c5 Remove precedence hacks no longer needed without postfix operators. 15 hours ago
  Peter Eisentraut 8354e7b27e Remove unused parameters 3 weeks ago
  Thomas Munro ff28809feb Code review for dynahash change. 1 day ago
  Thomas Munro be0a666665 Remove large fill factor support from dynahash.c. 1 day ago
  Tom Lane 06a7c3154f Allow most keywords to be used as column labels without requiring AS. 1 day ago
  Robert Haas 0811f766fd pg_surgery: Try to stabilize regression tests. 1 day ago
  Amit Kapila 24fb35e111 Update file header comments for logical/relation.c. 2 days ago
  Amit Kapila 0d32511eca Fix comments in heapam.c. 2 days ago
  Tom Lane e5209bf37a Try to stabilize output from rolenames regression test. 2 days ago
  Tom Lane 1ed6b89563 Remove support for postfix (right-unary) operators. 2 days ago
  Tom Lane 76f412ab31 Remove factorial operators, leaving only the factorial() function. 2 days ago
  Tom Lane 74d4608f50 Further improve pgindent's list of file exclusions. 2 days ago
  Tom Lane 99175141c9 Improve common/logging.c's support for multiple verbosity levels. 2 days ago
  Amit Kapila b7f2dd959a Update parallel BTree scan state when the scan keys can't be satisfied. 3 days ago
  Peter Eisentraut 45b9805706 Allow CURRENT_ROLE where CURRENT_USER is accepted 3 days ago
  Heikki Linnakangas 16fa9b2b30 Add support for building GiST index by sorting. 3 days ago
  Michael Paquier 089da3c477 doc: Apply more consistently <productname> markup for OpenSSL 3 days ago
  Michael Paquier 7307df16a0 Improve tab completion of IMPORT FOREIGN SCHEMA in psql 3 days ago
  Tom Lane babef40c9a Teach walsender to update its process title for replication commands. 3 days ago
  Tom Lane add105840b Improve formatting of create_help.pl and plperl_opmask.pl output. 3 days ago
  Alvaro Herrera 07082b08cc
Fix bogus completion tag usage in walsender 3 days ago
  Tom Lane 44fc6e259b Centralize setup of SIGQUIT handling for postmaster child processes. 3 days ago
  Tom Lane 2000b6c10a Don't fetch partition check expression during InitResultRelInfo. 3 days ago
  Peter Geoghegan aac80bfcdd Fix amcheck child check pg_upgrade bug. 3 days ago
  Tom Lane e5fac1cb19 Avoid unnecessary recursion to child tables in ALTER TABLE SET NOT NULL. 3 days ago
  Tom Lane 3d65b0593c Fix bogus cache-invalidation logic in logical replication worker. 3 days ago
  Fujii Masao e568ed0eb0 Add leader_pid field into the example of file_fdw for csvlog. 4 days ago
  Michael Paquier 5423853fee Avoid retrieval of CHECK constraints and DEFAULT exprs in data-only dump 4 days ago
  Jeff Davis c8aeaf3ab3 Change LogicalTapeSetBlocks() to use nBlocksWritten. 4 days ago
  Jeff Davis 3bd35d4f51 HashAgg: release write buffers sooner by rewinding tape. 4 days ago
  Amit Kapila 69bd60672a Fix initialization of RelationSyncEntry for streaming transactions. 4 days ago
  David Rowley 19c60ad69a Optimize compactify_tuples function 4 days ago
  Alvaro Herrera ced138e8cb
Fix use-after-free bug with event triggers in an extension script 4 days ago
  David Rowley 10a5b35a00 Report resource usage at the end of recovery 4 days ago
  David Rowley 62e221e1c0 Allow incremental sorts for windowing functions 4 days ago
  David Rowley fe4f36bcde Fix compiler warning 5 days ago
  Tom Lane f560209c6e Make walsenders show their replication commands in pg_stat_activity. 5 days ago
  Noah Misch 47a3a1c3d4 Fix interpolation in test name. 6 days ago
  Fujii Masao 95233011a0 Fix typos. 6 days ago
  Michael Paquier 83158f74d3 Make index_set_state_flags() transactional 6 days ago
  Peter Eisentraut 3e0242b24c Message fixes and style improvements 6 days ago
  Michael Paquier ac673a1aaf Avoid useless allocations for information of dumpable objects in pg_dump/ 6 days ago
  Tom Lane 19f5a37b9f Use the properly transformed RangeVar for expandTableLikeClause(). 6 days ago
  Amit Kapila 03c7f1f37a Fix inconsistency in determining the timestamp of the db statfile. 1 week ago
  Amit Kapila ddd5f6d260 Remove unused function declaration in logicalproto.h. 1 week ago
  Jeff Davis 0758964963 logtape.c: do not preallocate for tapes when sorting 1 week ago
  Tom Lane 7634bd4f6d Accept SIGQUIT during error recovery in auxiliary processes. 1 week ago
  Alvaro Herrera 3c99230b4f
psql: Display stats target of extended statistics 1 week ago
  Tom Lane 10095ca634 Log a message when resorting to SIGKILL during shutdown/crash recovery. 1 week ago
  Tom Lane 6693a96b32 Don't run atexit callbacks during signal exits from ProcessStartupPacket. 1 week ago