637 Commits (master)

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  Franco Fichtner 123b8977cf build: test pkg and git binaries; closes #197 1 month ago
  RenĂ© Bayer e760f313b7
Fixed object paths for cross compiling (#194) 2 months ago
  Franco Fichtner b3195a89c7 build/tools: we only support 12.1 now 3 months ago
  Franco Fichtner db2421cfb3 Revert "build: do not enter 20.7.r description territory on 20.1" 3 months ago
  Franco Fichtner 35d1e1138f build/boot: "we can be errors, just for one day" 3 months ago
  Franco Fichtner 460071a688 build/boot: make boot script run on 12.1 3 months ago
  Franco Fichtner 84e5ec467a build: do not enter 20.7.r description territory on 20.1 3 months ago
  Franco Fichtner ea8344b0b8 build: only fetch "origin" as some remotes may not respond 3 months ago
  Franco Fichtner 3a3d35f3ed build: new branches not being fetched at first try 3 months ago
  Franco Fichtner d33488bb0c build/base: fixup FreeBSD 12.1 build issue with missing host file 3 months ago
  Franco Fichtner c37230a777 build/rebase: .abi_hint file has no relevance here 3 months ago
  Franco Fichtner 9b0ad3a4bf Revert "build/kernel: kldxref fixup, build host seems to be used" 4 months ago
  Franco Fichtner 96427357f4 build: add SRCABI usage and shared .abi_hint file; closes #179 4 months ago
  Franco Fichtner e624dea4c2 build: add ABI hint to packages set 4 months ago
  Franco Fichtner 62e5d79c80 build/kernel: kldxref fixup, build host seems to be used 5 months ago
  Franco Fichtner e96cf8a95c build: support macOS for "make update" purposes 5 months ago
  Franco Fichtner 145cad9e0b build/test: pass correct environment to tests 7 months ago
  Franco Fichtner 378b321ef2 build/nano: noatime as per forum mention 7 months ago
  Franco Fichtner 9746b57855 build: pass FLAVOUR instead of poisoning the variable via env 7 months ago
  Franco Fichtner bcfcd1c0ad build: fix typo 8 months ago
  Franco Fichtner 603330a8f6 config: remove notion of version "3" Python, it's the default 8 months ago
  Franco Fichtner 1f00c8b677 build: remove PYTHON2 selector, no longer used 8 months ago
  Franco Fichtner dd5878fc78 build: print error when we hit this code branch 8 months ago
  Franco Fichtner a34ba52382 build/ports: check here as well, no package at build start 8 months ago
  Franco Fichtner f7213f9431 build/clean: core,plugins only makes sense if packages are there 8 months ago
  Franco Fichtner a32ec5c46b build/sign: use args and regenerate mtree signature as well 9 months ago
  Franco Fichtner f40de61925 build: we've use the term "base" for ages now 9 months ago
  Franco Fichtner 379bf96c4a build: fix issue with "make update-portsref" 10 months ago
  Franco Fichtner ba113bc6db config: should fix nightly test run on 20.1 development 10 months ago
  Franco Fichtner 7043f012fe build/prefetch: correct branch required for SRCREVISION 10 months ago
  Franco Fichtner 3c9c9219a5 build/upload: why not both 10 months ago
  Franco Fichtner 6f4ce3c69a build/download: whoops :) 10 months ago
  Franco Fichtner df6a9a0da0 build/download: support distfiles fetch 10 months ago
  Franco Fichtner a60abeddae build: fix xtools on 12.1 1 year ago
  Franco Fichtner b053261a9c build: pkg should be picked up instantly nowadays 1 year ago
  Franco Fichtner e50d175fe7 build: add a real "package" target and aux.conf trickery 1 year ago
  Franco Fichtner 1ea79d4de0 build: actually tell which argument is missing 1 year ago
  Franco Fichtner 644f4a8e4e build: small tweaks here, 600 on both files 1 year ago
  Franco Fichtner 1be9ee13c0 build: sign our mtree set files for later verification 1 year ago
  Franco Fichtner e6a5db5dd8 build: cope with new reality of pkg 1.11 1 year ago
  Franco Fichtner b22e911fab build: add `fingerprint' target 1 year ago
  Franco Fichtner 9f82a73dda build: force umount, busy error doesn't mean much in disposable chroot 1 year ago
  Franco Fichtner 5ecee3f3c1 composite: allow access to all FLAVOUR settings 1 year ago
  Franco Fichtner 9d77c902e3 build: remove QUICK support, rarely useful and undocumented 1 year ago
  Franco Fichtner 820ab1fb81 build: use cp -R as -cp -r is actually -RL 1 year ago
  Franco Fichtner af7a5ac7cc nano: well, these go to 400000 1 year ago
  Franco Fichtner 0657a0ae47 build/nano: increase free inode count by 250k 1 year ago
  Franco Fichtner 50533be115 build: we try to be too clever, need a shadow var for recursion 1 year ago
  Franco Fichtner 44f4417854 build/download: this one as well 1 year ago
  Franco Fichtner ed3c99c909 build/upload: sftp hurts my brain... 1 year ago