1709 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Franco Fichtner 69481c17ed config: drop syslog-ng 3.27 2 days ago
  Franco Fichtner 7afda4cf3c config: removed by upstream due to Python 2.7 use 5 days ago
  Franco Fichtner 8d254822f1 config: add syslog-ng 3.29 to ports 1 week ago
  Franco Fichtner 123b8977cf build: test pkg and git binaries; closes #197 2 weeks ago
  Franco Fichtner ae81fbb8c8 config: add hw-probe; closes #184 3 weeks ago
  Franco Fichtner 104612a5e3 config: add cups package 3 weeks ago
  Franco Fichtner b4d214021e config: rebase for 20.7.2 1 month ago
  Frank Wall 65e89b7aed config: enable LIBXML2 for zabbix5-proxy 1 month ago
  RenĂ© Bayer e760f313b7
Fixed object paths for cross compiling (#194) 1 month ago
  Frank Wall 9a66e8dedb config: add build options for haproxy20, refs #191 1 month ago
  Franco Fichtner 9da2473554 config: add haproxy20; closes #191 1 month ago
  Franco Fichtner 45097bef51 config: switch perl to 5.32 1 month ago
  Ad Schellevis 50049c542f add uwsgi 1 month ago
  Franco Fichtner b93430ebdd config: remove unneeded change in config.xml 1 month ago
  Franco Fichtner b3195a89c7 build/tools: we only support 12.1 now 2 months ago
  Franco Fichtner 77085b4258 config: no longer exists 2 months ago
  Franco Fichtner 9942bd9d4b config: new plugins for 20.7 2 months ago
  Franco Fichtner 3a213e00b8 config: remove frr6, no longer used 2 months ago
  Franco Fichtner 02727ba245 config: drop 20.1 2 months ago
  Franco Fichtner 464de02172 make: pew pew pew 2 months ago
  Franco Fichtner db2421cfb3 Revert "build: do not enter 20.7.r description territory on 20.1" 2 months ago
  Franco Fichtner 35d1e1138f build/boot: "we can be errors, just for one day" 2 months ago
  Franco Fichtner 2c560fd2b4 config: finally remove old MPD5 plugins 2 months ago
  Franco Fichtner 3fa52f62e1 config: unbound-plus merged into core 2 months ago
  Franco Fichtner 460071a688 build/boot: make boot script run on 12.1 2 months ago
  Franco Fichtner 84e5ec467a build: do not enter 20.7.r description territory on 20.1 2 months ago
  Franco Fichtner f76cf67121 config: time to move on 2 months ago
  Franco Fichtner 48891691c4 config: jq added to 20.7 packages; closes #186 2 months ago
  Franco Fichtner 45ce56fc95 composite/nighty: clear packages earlier if requested 2 months ago
  Franco Fichtner ea8344b0b8 build: only fetch "origin" as some remotes may not respond 2 months ago
  Franco Fichtner 3a3d35f3ed build: new branches not being fetched at first try 2 months ago
  Franco Fichtner d33488bb0c build/base: fixup FreeBSD 12.1 build issue with missing host file 2 months ago
  Franco Fichtner ad7df11ac5 config: default branches to stable variants 2 months ago
  Franco Fichtner c37230a777 build/rebase: .abi_hint file has no relevance here 2 months ago
  Franco Fichtner 2cad5ae5ad config: build release plugins for 20.7 now 2 months ago
  Franco Fichtner dfe56b8e36 config: FWIW, enable core package build 2 months ago
  Franco Fichtner 18cb05aafe config: more prepping for RC 2 months ago
  Franco Fichtner 618135696a config: do not need these anymore 2 months ago
  Franco Fichtner 7f84ed0b2b config: fork stable/20.1 to prep for 20.7 RC 2 months ago
  Franco Fichtner fecfc41327 config: 20.7 does not handle i386 anymore 2 months ago
  Ad Schellevis 5c31793bde add sslsplit, closes https://github.com/opnsense/tools/issues/174 2 months ago
  Franco Fichtner a6cc13191c config: second half of previous ;) 2 months ago
  Michael f2fc7611c5
Update ports.conf (#182) 2 months ago
  Ad Schellevis e424b00cbf py-redis for 20.1 3 months ago
  Ad Schellevis 942374dc2f add py-redis to 20.7 3 months ago
  Franco Fichtner 5d7b8f5d7c Revert "config: remove this older version of syslog-ng" 3 months ago
  Franco Fichtner 2515f0b418 make: fix comment 3 months ago
  Ad Schellevis 215aa7b667 add awscli to 20.1 3 months ago
  Ad Schellevis 85a2ba34cb awscli: ditch @py, port doesn't seem to support flavour 3 months ago
  Ad Schellevis 9547937573 add awscli 3 months ago