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3rd-party clients

Since the Notes app stores all contents as casual .md or .txt files, 3rd party apps don't need to interact with the Notes API directly. You can use any editor of your choice to manage your notes and synchronize them with the default Nextcloud client or using WebDAV. The Notes API provides a interface that focuses on the contents of the Notes app and allows an easy and backward compatible access to your notes.

Known apps which use the Notes API



Linux desktop and mobile


Sailfish OS

Alexa skill

Known apps which integrate with the Notes app without using the Notes API


Windows, Linux & OS X


Google Keep export

  • gkeep_to_nextcloud_notes: Python script to export notes from Google Keep as text files in a format which is compatible with the Notes app

Clipper extension

  • note: Script that turns selected text into a text file which is compatible with the Notes app

CLI client

  • notes: Command line tool to manage note files which are compatible with the Notes app

3rd-party Developer Documentation

Documentation for people who want to integrate their apps with Nextcloud Notes