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F-Droid Server

Tools for maintaining an F-Droid repository system.

What is F-Droid Server?

fdroidserver is a suite of tools to publish and work with collections of Android apps (APK files) and other kinds of packages. It is used to maintain the f-droid.org application repository. These same tools can be used to create additional or alternative repositories for publishing, or to assist in creating, testing and submitting metadata to the f-droid.org repository, also known as fdroiddata.

For documentation, please see https://f-droid.org/docs.

In the beginning, fdroidserver was the complete server-side setup that ran f-droid.org. Since then, the website and other parts have been split out into their own projects. The name for this suite of tooling has stayed fdroidserver even though it no longer contains any proper server component.


There are many ways to install fdroidserver, including using a range of package managers. All of the options are documented on the website: https://f-droid.org/docs/Installing_the_Server_and_Repo_Tools


To run the full test suite:


To run the tests for individual Python modules, see the .TestCase files, e.g.:


It is also possible to run individual tests:

tests/metadata.TestCase MetadataTest.test_rewrite_yaml_special_build_params

There is a growing test suite that has good coverage on a number of key parts of this code base. It does not yet cover all the code, and there are some parts where the technical debt makes it difficult to write unit tests. New tests should be standard Python unittest test cases. Whenever possible, the old tests written in bash in tests/run-tests should be ported to Python.

This test suite has built over time a bit haphazardly, so it is not as clean, organized, or complete as it could be. We welcome contributions. The goal is to move towards standard Python testing patterns and to expand the unit test coverage. Before rearchitecting any parts of it, be sure to contact us to discuss the changes beforehand.

Additional tests for different linux distributions

These tests are also run on various configurations through GitLab CI. This is only enabled for master@fdroid/fdroidserver because it takes longer to complete than the regular CI tests. Most of the time you won't need to worry about them, but sometimes it might make sense to also run them for your merge request. In that case you need to remove these lines from .gitlab-ci.yml and push this to a new branch of your fork.

Alternatively run them locally like this: gitlab-runner exec docker ubuntu_lts


The tests for the whole build server setup are entirely separate because they require at least 200 GB of disk space, and 8 GB of RAM. These test scripts are in the root of the project, all starting with jenkins- since they used to be run on https://jenkins.debian.net.


The API documentation based on the docstrings gets automatically published here on every commit on the master branch.

It can be built locally via

pip install -e .[docs]
cd docs
sphinx-apidoc -o ./source ../fdroidserver -M -e
sphinx-autogen -o generated source/*.rst
make html

To additionally lint the code call

pydocstyle fdroidserver --count

When writing docstrings you should follow the numpy style guide.


Everything can be translated. See Translation and Localization for more info.

View translation status for all languages.