2020-05-30 09:25:22 +02:00

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You are able to set custom actions ("Macros") in Time & Macro settings for the following events:

  • Specific time of day
  • Button short/long/double press
  • HTTP API call executing a macro with "&M="
  • Alexa On/Off
  • Countdown over
  • Timed light duration over
  • Device (re)boot

Each macro has the format of a standard HTTP API call without the IP. Optionally, the "win&" may be omitted. For example, the macro "A=255" sets the brightness to maximum. "R=255&G=160&B=0" sets the color to orange. You can specify up to 16 macros.

Examples of how to use API-calls and define macro's can be found in this issue and in this one.