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EffectID Name Description Intensity slider effect
0 Solid Solid primary color on all LEDs
1 Blink Blinks between primary and secondary color
Duty cycle of blinking
2 Breathe Primary color fades between dark and bright
3 Wipe Switches between primary and secondary, switching LEDs one by one, start to end
4 Wipe Random Same as Wipe, but uses random colors
5 Random Colors Applies a new random color to all LEDs
Duration of fading between colors
6 Sweep Switches between primary and secondary, switching LEDs one by one, start to end to start
7 Dynamic Sets each LED to a random color
0-127: Set single LED 128-255: Set all LEDs
8 Colorloop Cycle all LEDs through the rainbow colors
0-127: Pastel colors 128-255: Saturated colors
9 Rainbow Displays rainbow colors along the whole strip
Number of rainbows
10 Scan A single primary colored light wanders between start and end
Scan dot size
11 Dual Scan Same as Scan but uses two lights starting at both ends
scan dot size
12 Fade Fades smoothly between primary and secondary color
13 Theater Pattern of one lit and two unlit LEDs running
Gap in lights
14 Theater Rainbow Same as Theater but uses colors of the rainbow
15 Running Sine Waves scrolling
16 Saw Sawtooth Waves scrolling
17 Twinkle Random LEDs light up in the primary color with secondary as background, turns all off
Amount of LEDs turning on
18 Dissolve Fills LEDs with primary in random order, then off again
Dissolve rate
19 Dissolve Rnd Fills LEDs with random colors in random order, then off again
Dissolve rate
20 Sparkle Single random LEDs light up in the primary color for a short time, secondary is background
21 Dark Sparkle All LEDs are lit in the primary color, single random LEDs turn off for a short time
22 Sparkle+ All LEDs are lit in the primary color, multiple random LEDs turn off for a short time
23 Strobe All LEDs are lit in the secondary color, all LEDs flash in a single short burst in primary color
24 Strobe Rainbow Same as strobe, cycles through the rainbow
25 Mega Strobe All LEDs are lit in the secondary color, all LEDs flash in several short bursts in primary color
26 Blink Rainbow Same as blink, cycles through the rainbow
Blink Duty cycle
27 Android Section of varying length running
Maximum section length
28 Chase 2 LEDs in primary color running on secondary
Size of chaser
29 Chase Random Like Chase but leaves trail of random color
Size of chaser
30 Chase Rainbow Like 28 but leaves trail of rainbow
Size of chaser
31 Chase Flash 2 LEDs flash in secondary color while the rest is lit in primary. The flashing LEDs wander from start to end
32 Chase Flash Rnd Like Chase Flash, but the 2 LEDs flash in random colors and leaves a random color behind
33 Rainbow Runner Like Chase, but the 2 LEDs light up in rainbow colors and leave a primary color trail
Size of chaser
34 Colorful Shifting Red-Amber-Green-Blue pattern
0-127: Pastel colors 128-255: Saturated colors
35 Traffic Light Emulates a traffic light
36 Sweep Random Like Sweep, but uses random colors
37 Running 2 Pattern of n LEDs primary and n LEDs secondary moves along the strip
Amount of LEDs lit/unlit
38 Red & Blue Running 2, but always uses red and blue
Amount of LEDs lit/unlit
39 Stream Flush bands random hues along the string
Width of each band (lower is wider)
40 Scanner Dot moves between ends, leaving behing a fading trail
Fade rate
41 Lighthouse Dot moves from start to end, leaving behing a fading trail
Fade rate
42 Fireworks Random color blobs light up, then fade again
Amount of fireworks
43 Rain Like Fireworks, but the blobs move
Amout of Rain
44 Merry Christmas Running 2, but always uses red and green
Amount of LEDs lit/unlit
45 Fire Flicker LEDs randomly flickering
Flickering intensity
46 Gradient Moves a saturation gradient of the primary color along the strip
Gradient width
47 Loading Moves a sawtooth pattern along the strip
48 Police A red and a blue dot running Size of dots
49 Police All Two areas, one red and one blue, sweeping -
50 Two Dots Like Police, but with custom colors Size of dots
51 Two Areas Like Police All, but with custom colors -
52 Circus Pattern of secondary, red and white
Width of pattern
53 Halloween Running 2, but always uses orange and purple
Amount of LEDs lit/unlit
54 Tri Chase Like Chase, but with 3 colors
Width of pattern
55 Tri Wipe Like Wipe but turns LEDs off as "third color"
56 Tri Fade Fades the whole strip from primary color to secondary color to off
57 Lightning Short random white strobe similar to a lightning bolt
Amount of strobes
58 ICU Two "eyes" running on opposite sides of the strip
59 Multi Comet Like Scanner, but creates multiple trails
Fade rate
60 Dual Scanner Like Scanner, but with two dots running on opposite sides
Fade rate
61 Stream 2 Flush random hues along the string
62 Oscillate Areas of primary and secondary colors move between opposite ends, combining colors where they touch
63 Pride 2015 Rainbow cycling with brightness variation
64 Juggle Eight colored dots running, leaving trails
Fade rate
65 Palette Running color palette
66 Fire 2012 Simulates flickering fire in red and yellow
Sparkling of fire
67 Colorwaves Like Pride 2015, but uses palettes
68 BPM Pulses moving back and forth on palette
BPM setting
69 Fill Noise Noise pattern
70 Noise 1 Fast Noise shift pattern
71 Noise 2 Fast Noise shift pattern
72 Noise 3 Noise shift pattern
73 Noise 4 Noise sparkle pattern
74 Colortwinkle LEDs light up randomly in random colors and fade off again
Twinkle rate
75 Lake Calm palette waving
76 Meteor The primary color creates a trail of randomly decaying color
Fade rate
77 Smooth Meteor Smoothly animated meteor
Fade rate
78 Railway Shows primary and secondary color on alternating LEDs. All LEDs fade to their opposite color and back again
Duty cycle of fade transition
79 Ripple Effect resembling random water ripples
Rate of new ripples
80 Twinklefox FastLED gentle twinkling with slow fade in/out
81 Twinklecat Twinkling with fast in / slow out
82 Halloween Eyes One Pair of blinking eyes at random intervals along strip
Fading rade of eyes
83 Solid Pattern Speed sets number of LEDs on, intensity sets off Amount of LEDs turned off
84 Solid Pattern Tri Solid Pattern with three colors Amount of LEDs of each color
85 Spots Solid lights with even distance Size of each spot
86 Spots Fade Spots, getting bigger and smaller Fading of each spot
87 Glitter Rainbow with white sparkles Amount of glitter
88 Candle Flicker resembling a candle flame Intensity of flickering
89 Fireworks Starburst Exploding multicolor fireworks Fragment count
90 Fireworks 1D one dimension fireworks with flare Firing side
91 Bouncing Balls Bouncing ball effect Number of balls
92 Sinelon Fastled sinusoidal moving eye Fade rate
93 Sinelon Dual Sinelon from both directions Fade rate
94 Sinelon Rainbow Sinelon in rainbow colours Fade rate
95 Popcorn popping kernels Number of kernels
96 Drip Water dripping effect Intensity of dripping
97 Plasma Plasma lamp Max brightness
98 Percent Lights up a percentage of segment Percentage
99 Ripple Rainbow Like ripple, but with a dimly lit changing background Rate of new ripples
100 Heartbeat led strip pulsing rhythm similar to a heart beat -
101 Pacifica Gentle, blue-green ocean waves (one color palette currently) Intensity of waves
102 Candle Multi Like candle effect, but each LED has it's own flicker pattern Intensity of flicker
103 Solid Glitter Like Glitter, but with solid color background Amount of glitter
104 Sunrise simulates a gradual sunrise (in sourcecode) how sunny
105 Phased Sine waves (in sourcecode) wave brightness against background
106 Twinkle Up Twinkle effect with fade-in (in sourcecode) amount of twinkle
107 Noise Pal Peaceful noise that's slow and with gradually changing palettes (in sourcecode) wave intensity
108 Sinewave controllable sine waves (in sourcecode) winewave frequency
109 Phased Noise noisy sine waves (in sourcecode) wave brightness against background
110 Flow Blend of palette and spot effects (in sourcecode) waveform frequency


PaletteID Name Description
0 Default The palette is automatically selected depending on the effect. For most effects, this is the primary color
1 Random Cycle The palette changes to a random one every few seconds. Subject to change
2 Primary color A palette consisting only of the primary color
3 Based on primary Consists of the primary color, as well as a slightly desaturated version and black
4 Set colors A palette which is a mixture of all segment colors
5 Based on set Contains primary, secondary colors and a desaturated version
6 Party Rainbow without green hues
7 Cloud Gray-blueish colors
8 Lava Dark red, yellow and bright white
9 Ocean Blue, teal and white colors
10 Forest Yellow and green hues
11 Rainbow Every hue
12 Rainbow bands Rainbow colors with black spots in-between
13 Sunset Dark blue with purple, red and yellow hues
14 Rivendell Desaturated greens
15 Breeze Teal colors with varying brightness
16 Red & Blue Red running on blue
17 Yellowout Yellow, fading out
18 Analoguous Red running on blue
19 Splash Vibrant pink and magenta
20 Pastel Different hues with very little saturation
21 Sunset 2 Yellow and white runnung on dim blue
22 Beech Different shades of light blue
23 Vintage Warm white running on very dim red
24 Departure Greens and white fading out
25 Landscape Blue, white and green gradient
26 Beach Teal and yellow gradient fading out
27 Sherbet Bright white, pink and mint colors
28 Hult White, magenta and teal
29 Hult 64 Teal and yellow hues
30 Drywet Blue and yellow gradient
31 Jul Pastel green and red
32 Grintage Yellow fading out
33 Rewhi Bright orange on desaturated purple
34 Tertiary Red, green and blue gradien
35 Fire White, yellow and fading red gradient
36 Icefire Same as Fire, but with blue colors
37 Cyane Desaturated pastel colors
38 Light Pink Desaturated purple hues
39 Autumn Three white fields surrounded by yellow and dim red
40 Magenta White with magenta and blue
41 Magred Magenta and red hues
42 Yelmag Magenta and red hues with a yellow
43 Yelblu Blue with a little yellow
44 Orange & Teal An Orange - Gray - Teal gradient
45 Tiamat A bright meteor with blue, teal and magenta hues
46 April Night Dark blue background with colorful snowflakes
47 Orangery Orange and yellow tones
48 C9 Christmas lights palette. Red - amber - green - blue
49 Sakura Pink and rose tones
50 Aurora Greens on dark blue