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It is possible to interface WLED with home automation systems and other 3rd party software. You can use any API WLED provides (JSON, HTTP, UDP, MQTT), JSON is preferred. This page is intended for sample code and configs others use to control WLED from various 3rd party software:

HomeAssistant and NodeRED flows


Please see https://github.com/frustreermeneer/domoticz-wled-plugin !


Connection is made via MQTT broker & Openhab MQTT Binding (1.x)

Please find the details in https://community.openhab.org/t/wled-please-make-this-work-in-openhab/82783/7?u=sujitrp and Config Files on https://github.com/sujitrp/OPenHab-WLED-configuration-

Indigo Domotics:

Please see https://www.indigodomo.com/pluginstore/214/ !

Home Assistant

Using native integration:

WLED can be configured using the integrations in the Home Assistant frontend.

Menu: Configuration -> Integrations.

In most cases, the WLED devices will be automatically discovered by Home Assistant. Those automatically discovered WLED devices are listed on the integrations page.

If for some reason (e.g., due to lack of mDNS support on your network), the WLED device isn't discovered, it can be added manually.

Click on the + sign to add an integration and click on WLED. After completing the configuration flow, the WLED integration will be available.

Using MQTT

Alternatively, MQTT can be used (not recommended). Auto discovery is no longer supported since version 0.9 of WLED. In case you want to configure the device manually:

  - platform: mqtt
    name: "Kitchen Floor Lights"
    command_topic: "wled/all"
    brightness_command_topic: "wled/all"
    rgb_command_topic: "wled/all/col"
    rgb_command_template: "{{ '#%02x%02x%02x' | format(red, green, blue)}}"
    effect_command_topic : "wled/all/api"
    - "FX=0"
    - "FX=1"
    - "FX=2"
    - "FX=3"
    - "FX=4"
    - "FX=5"
    - "FX=6"
    - "FX=7"
    - "FX=8"
    - "FX=9"
    - "FX=10"
    - "FX=11"
    - "FX=12"
    - "FX=13"
    - "FX=14"
    - "FX=15"
    - "FX=16"
    - "FX=17"
    - "FX=18"
    - "FX=19"
    - "FX=20"
    - "FX=21"
    - "FX=22"
    - "FX=23"
    - "FX=24"
    - "FX=25"
    - "FX=26"
    - "FX=27"
    - "FX=28"
    - "FX=29"
    - "FX=30"
    - "FX=31"
    - "FX=32"
    - "FX=33"
    - "FX=34"
    - "FX=35"
    - "FX=36"
    - "FX=37"
    - "FX=38"
    - "FX=39"
    - "FX=40"

by @acid2000

Config json which is sent via autodiscovery:

	"name": "WLED Light",
	"stat_t": "wled/840d8e989815/c",
	"cmd_t": "wled/840d8e989815",
	"rgb_stat_t": "wled/840d8e989815/c",
	"rgb_cmd_t": "wled/840d8e989815/col",
	"bri_cmd_t": "wled/840d8e989815",
	"bri_stat_t": "wled/840d8e989815/g",
	"fx_cmd_t": "wled/840d8e989815/api",
	"fx_stat_t": "wled/840d8e989815/api",
	"bri_val_tpl": "{{value}}",
	"rgb_cmd_tpl": "{{'#%02x%02x%02x' | format(red, green, blue)}}",
	"rgb_val_tpl": "{{value[1:3]|int(base=16)}},{{value[3:5]|int(base=16)}},{{value[5:7]|int(base=16)}}",
	"qos": 0,
	"opt": true,
	"pl_on": "ON",
	"pl_off": "OFF",
	"fx_val_tpl": "{{value}}",
	"fx_list": [
		"[FX=00] Solid", "[FX=01] Blink", "[FX=02] Breathe", "[FX=03] Wipe", "[FX=04] Wipe Random", 
		"[FX=05] Random Colors", "[FX=06] Sweep", "[FX=07] Dynamic", "[FX=08] Colorloop", 
		"[FX=09] Rainbow", "[FX=10] Scan", "[FX=11] Dual Scan", "[FX=12] Fade", "[FX=13] Chase", 
		"[FX=14] Chase Rainbow", "[FX=15] Running", "[FX=16] Saw", "[FX=17] Twinkle", "[FX=18] Dissolve",
		"[FX=19] Dissolve Rnd", "[FX=20] Sparkle", "[FX=21] Dark Sparkle", "[FX=22] Sparkle+", 
		"[FX=23] Strobe", "[FX=24] Strobe Rainbow", "[FX=25] Mega Strobe", "[FX=26] Blink Rainbow", 
		"[FX=27] Android", "[FX=28] Chase", "[FX=29] Chase Random", "[FX=30] Chase Rainbow", 
		"[FX=31] Chase Flash", "[FX=32] Chase Flash Rnd", "[FX=33] Rainbow Runner", "[FX=34] Colorful", 
		"[FX=35] Traffic Light", "[FX=36] Sweep Random", "[FX=37] Running 2", "[FX=38] Red & Blue", 
		"[FX=39] Stream", "[FX=40] Scanner", "[FX=41] Lighthouse", "[FX=42] Fireworks", "[FX=43] Rain", 
		"[FX=44] Merry Christmas", "[FX=45] Fire Flicker", "[FX=46] Gradient", "[FX=47] Loading", 
		"[FX=48] In Out", "[FX=49] In In", "[FX=50] Out Out", "[FX=51] Out In", "[FX=52] Circus", 
		"[FX=53] Halloween", "[FX=54] Tri Chase", "[FX=55] Tri Wipe", "[FX=56] Tri Fade", 
		"[FX=57] Lightning", "[FX=58] ICU", "[FX=59] Multi Comet", "[FX=60] Dual Scanner", 
		"[FX=61] Stream 2", "[FX=62] Oscillate", "[FX=63] Pride 2015", "[FX=64] Juggle", 
		"[FX=65] Palette", "[FX=66] Fire 2012", "[FX=67] Colorwaves", "[FX=68] BPM", 
		"[FX=69] Fill Noise", "[FX=70] Noise 1", "[FX=71] Noise 2", "[FX=72] Noise 3", "[FX=73] Noise 4",
		"[FX=74] Colortwinkle", "[FX=75] Lake", "[FX=76] Meteor", "[FX=77] Smooth Meteor", 
		"[FX=78] Railway", "[FX=79] Ripple"