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Martin Roth 5c7341331d treewide: Remove trailing whitespace 4 months ago
amd_blobs@b12744905d amd_blobs: Add new picasso VBIOS 5 months ago
arm-trusted-firmware@a4c979ade4 Update arm-trusted-firmware submodule to upstream master 10 months ago
blobs@02ab6c6648 3rdparty/blobs: advance submodule pointer. 4 months ago
chromeec@a2390f3c50 Update chromeec submodule to upstream master 5 months ago
cmocka@672c5cee79 submodules: Add new submodule 3rdparty/cmocka 1 year ago
ffs@3ec70fbc45 3rdparty/ffs: add open-power ffs utils 2 years ago
fsp@e7138bf115 3rdparty/fsp: Update submodule pointer to newest master 6 months ago
intel-microcode@49bb67f32a 3rdparty/intel-microcode: Update submodule to 20201118 release 5 months ago
intel-sec-tools@a86ff5d400 3rdparty: Add submodule intel-sec-tools 10 months ago
libgfxinit@bc0588e482 3rdparty/libgfxinit: Update for Cannon Point support 6 months ago
libhwbase@a3edc6ef32 3rdparty/libhwbase: Update submodule pointer 11 months ago
opensbi@215421ca61 Update opensbi submodule to upstream master 2 years ago
qc_blobs@6b7fe498eb 3rdparty/qc_blobs: Uprev to new HEAD (6b7fe498eb) 10 months ago
stm@1f3258261a 3rdparty: Add STM as a submodule 9 months ago
vboot@48195e5878 Update vboot submodule to upstream master 7 months ago