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Frans Hendriks 283b36218b mainboard/facebook/fbg1701: Add logo.bmp 2 months ago
cpu cpu/intel: Run microcode update script 9 months ago
documentation binary policy: cosmetic cleanup 3 years ago
mainboard mainboard/facebook/fbg1701: Add logo.bmp 1 month ago
northbridge systemagent-r6.bin: Relocate the DACHE_RAM_BASE 3 months ago
pi/amd 3rdparty/blobs/pi/amd/00670F00/FT4: Release AGESA.bin 1 year ago
soc soc/mediatek/mt8183: Add SPM binaries 1 month ago
southbridge/amd 3rdparty/blobs/soc/amd: Create stoneyridge 1 year ago