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drivers/intel/fsp2_0: Allow larger FSPS UPD than expected in coreboot

Enforcing the exact match of FSPS UPD block size between FSP and
coreboot mandates simultaneous updates to coreboot and FSP repos. Allow
coreboot to proceed if its UPD structure is smaller than FSP one. This
usually indicates that FSPS has an updated (larger) UPD structure which
should be soon matched/updated on the coreboot side to keep them in

While this is an undesirable situation that should be corrected
ASAP, it is safe from coreboot perspective. It is safe (as long as
default values in FSP UPD are sane enough to boot) because FSPS UPD
buffer is allocated on the heap with the size specified in FSPS
(larger) and filled with FSPS default values. This allows FSP UPD
changes to be submitted first followed by changes in coreboot repo.

Note that this only applies to the case when entire FSPS UPD structure
grows which should be rare as FSP should allocate enough reserve space,
anticipating future expansion, to keep the structure from growing when
new members are added.

TEST=build Trembyle

Change-Id: I557fd3a1f208b5b444ccf76e1552e74ecf4decad
Signed-off-by: Nikolai Vyssotski <>
Tested-by: build bot (Jenkins) <>
Reviewed-by: Felix Held <>
Reviewed-by: Martin Roth <>
Nikolai Vyssotski 3 months ago
committed by Martin Roth
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@ -90,13 +90,17 @@ static void do_silicon_init(struct fsp_header *hdr)
fsp_verify_upd_header_signature(supd->FspUpdHeader.Signature, FSPS_UPD_SIGNATURE);
/* Disallow invalid config regions. Default settings are likely bad
* choices for coreboot, and different sized UPD from what the region
* allows is potentially a build problem.
/* FSPS UPD and coreboot structure sizes should match. However, enforcing the exact
* match mandates simultaneous updates to coreboot and FSP repos. Allow coreboot
* to proceed if its UPD structure is smaller than FSP one to enable staggered UPD
* update process on both sides. The mismatch indicates a temporary build problem,
* don't leave it like this as FSP default settings can be bad choices for coreboot.
if (!hdr->cfg_region_size || hdr->cfg_region_size != sizeof(FSPS_UPD))
if (!hdr->cfg_region_size || hdr->cfg_region_size < sizeof(FSPS_UPD))
"Invalid FSPS UPD region\n");
else if (hdr->cfg_region_size > sizeof(FSPS_UPD))
printk(BIOS_ERR, "FSP and coreboot are out of sync! FSPS UPD size > coreboot\n");
upd = xmalloc(hdr->cfg_region_size);