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#!/usr/bin/env python3
Create the initial database schema and stamp the `head` revision.
The target database needs to exist, as defined in the config file.
Idempotent. If the tables already exist, they will not be re-created.
import todosrht.alembic
import todosrht.types
import todosrht.webhooks
import srht.alembic
from alembic import command
from alembic.config import Config
from srht.config import cfg
from srht.database import DbSession
connection_string = cfg("", "connection-string")
alembic_path = list(todosrht.alembic.__path__)[0]
db = DbSession(connection_string)
config = Config()
config.set_main_option("sqlalchemy.url", connection_string)
config.set_main_option("script_location", alembic_path)
command.stamp(config, "head")
alembic_path = list(srht.alembic.__path__)[0]
config.set_main_option("script_location", alembic_path)
command.stamp(config, "head")