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Conrad Hoffmann ed005d6b4f
Send out notifications to users via GQL
1 week ago
.builds .builds/alpine.yml: upgrade to 3.15 11 months ago
api api: Implement tracker dump signature verification 3 months ago
scss Specify color for label link inside event 2 years ago
tests Remove TicketSeen 1 year ago
todosrht Send out notifications to users via GQL 1 week ago
.gitignore Remove models_gen.go 11 months ago
LICENSE Initial commit 6 years ago
Makefile api: overhaul build 11 months ago Add 4 years ago
config.example.ini Add api-origin to example config 9 months ago
config.test.ini Updates for single-sign-on support 3 years ago Update for unified config 4 years ago
schema.sql schema.sql: Fix syntax error 1 week ago Replace pystache with string.Template 2 years ago
static Initial commit 6 years ago
todosrht-initdb add database stamp for 3 years ago
todosrht-lmtp todosrht-lmtp: Use GraphQL for comment submission 9 months ago
todosrht-migrate Split out migrations 4 years ago

This repository contains the code for the ticket tracking service. For
instructions on deploying or contributing to this project, visit the manual