Delete second declaration of create_tracker

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Thorben Günther 2020-10-30 22:56:29 +01:00 committed by Drew DeVault
parent 8c5aef62b0
commit 502afdd0e1
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@ -386,16 +386,6 @@ class TodoService(SrhtService):
pass # nbd, upstream was presumably deleted
def create_tracker(self, user, valid):
name = valid.require("name")
description = valid.optional("description")
if not valid.ok:
return None
return, valid, f"{_todosrht}/api/trackers", {
"name": name,
"description": description,
class BuildService(SrhtService):
def submit_build(self, user, manifest, note, tags, execute=True):
return, None, f"{_buildsrht}/api/jobs", {