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Martin Rademacher 900abc48fc
Explicitly set the PHP version (#1284) 2022-07-06 12:51:10 +12:00
Martin Rademacher fb967b3ef9
Fix type-hint issues around annotation/attribute Schema classes (#1251)
Attributes that inherit from `Annotations\Schema` typically do so by extending from their corresponding annotations. That means they do not have `Attributes\Schema` in their ancestor list.
2022-05-29 18:22:07 +12:00
Martin Rademacher f0b3b8d23d
Add PHPStan workflow and baseline (#1222) 2022-05-04 09:57:50 +12:00
Martin Rademacher 910eda5bc1
Improve PHP 8.1 enum handling (#1060)
* Reorder/rename some examples
* Update using-links-php81 example to use PHP 8.1 enum
* Allow both Parameter and PathParameter as method parameter attribute
* Simplify schema ref creation
* Map complex types to schema refs if possible
* Allow Property method param attributes
  This allows to annotate promoted properties in schema models.
2022-01-16 18:39:33 +13:00
Martin Rademacher dd5f1b7b84
PHP 8.1 attributes (#982)
* PHP 8.1 support
* Annotations can be used as PHP attributes
* New annotation `PathParameter` added
* Removal of deprecated static properties used to configure the underlying Doctrine annotations parser
* New annotation `Attachable` to allow to attach any data to annotations/attributes without affecting the generated spec
2021-11-28 13:58:14 +13:00