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Generate interactive OpenAPI documentation for your RESTful API using doctrine annotations.

For a full list of supported annotations, please have look at the OpenApi\Annotations namespace or the documentation website.


  • Compatible with the OpenAPI 3.0 and 3.1 specification.
  • Extracts information from code & existing phpdoc annotations.
  • Command-line interface available.
  • Documentation site with a getting started guide.
  • Exceptional error reporting (with hints, context)
  • As of PHP 8.1 all annotations are also available as PHP attributes

OpenAPI version support

swagger-php allows to generate specs either for OpenAPI 3.0.0 or OpenAPI 3.1.0.
By default the spec will be in version 3.0.0. The command line option --version may be used to change this
to 3.1.0.

Programmatically, the method Generator::setVersion() can be used to change the version.


swagger-php requires at least PHP 7.2 for annotations and PHP 8.1 for using attributes.

Installation (with Composer)

composer require zircote/swagger-php

For cli usage from anywhere install swagger-php globally and make sure to place the ~/.composer/vendor/bin directory in your PATH so the openapi executable can be located by your system.

composer global require zircote/swagger-php


Add annotations to your php files.

 * @OA\Info(title="My First API", version="0.1")

 * @OA\Get(
 *     path="/api/resource.json",
 *     @OA\Response(response="200", description="An example resource")
 * )

Visit the Documentation website for the Getting started guide or look at the Examples directory for more examples.

Usage from php

Generate always-up-to-date documentation.

$openapi = \OpenApi\Generator::scan(['/path/to/project']);
header('Content-Type: application/x-yaml');
echo $openapi->toYaml();

Documentation of how to use the Generator class can be found in the Generator reference.

Usage from the Command Line Interface

The openapi command line interface can be used to generate the documentation to a static yaml/json file.

./vendor/bin/openapi --help

Starting with version 4 the default analyser used on the command line is the new ReflectionAnalyser.

Using the --legacy flag (-l) the legacy TokenAnalyser can still be used.

Usage from the Deserializer

Generate the OpenApi annotation object from a json string, which makes it easier to manipulate objects programmatically.


use OpenApi\Serializer;

$serializer = new Serializer();
$openapi = $serializer->deserialize($jsonString, 'OpenApi\Annotations\OpenApi');
echo $openapi->toJson();

Usage from docker

Generate the swagger documentation to a static json file.

docker run -v "$PWD":/app -it tico/swagger-php --help

More on OpenApi & Swagger


Feel free to submit Github Issues
or pull requests.

The documentation website is build from the docs folder with vuepress.

Make sure pull requests pass PHPUnit
and PHP-CS-Fixer (PSR-2) tests.

To run both unit tests and linting execute:

composer test

Running unit tests only:


Regenerate annotation/attribute reference markup docs

composer docs:refgen

Running linting only:

composer lint

To make php-cs-fixer fix linting errors:

composer cs