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Redis Test Suite

The normal execution mode of the test suite involves starting and manipulating
local redis-server instances, inspecting process state, log files, etc.

The test suite also supports execution against an external server, which is
enabled using the --host and --port parameters. When executing against an
external server, tests tagged external:skip are skipped.

There are additional runtime options that can further adjust the test suite to
match different external server configurations:

Option Impact
--singledb Only use database 0, don't assume others are supported.
--ignore-encoding Skip all checks for specific encoding.
--ignore-digest Skip key value digest validations.
--cluster-mode Run in strict Redis Cluster compatibility mode.
--large-memory Enables tests that consume more than 100mb


Tags are applied to tests to classify them according to the subsystem they test,
but also to indicate compatibility with different run modes and required

Tags can be applied in different context levels:

  • start_server context
  • tags context that bundles several tests together
  • A single test context.

The following compatibility and capability tags are currently used:

Tag Indicates
external:skip Not compatible with external servers.
cluster:skip Not compatible with --cluster-mode.
large-memory Test that requires more than 100mb
tls:skip Not compatible with --tls.
needs:repl Uses replication and needs to be able to SYNC from server.
needs:debug Uses the DEBUG command or other debugging focused commands (like OBJECT).
needs:pfdebug Uses the PFDEBUG command.
needs:config-maxmemory Uses CONFIG SET to manipulate memory limit, eviction policies, etc.
needs:config-resetstat Uses CONFIG RESETSTAT to reset statistics.
needs:reset Uses RESET to reset client connections.
needs:save Uses SAVE to create an RDB file.

When using an external server (--host and --port), filtering using the
external:skip tags is done automatically.

When using --cluster-mode, filtering using the cluster:skip tag is done

When not using --large-memory, filtering using the largemem:skip tag is done

In addition, it is possible to specify additional configuration. For example, to
run tests on a server that does not permit SYNC use:

./runtest --host <host> --port <port> --tags -needs:repl