3 Commits (unstable)

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yancz2000 157454ffa4
Support tclsh 8.7 (#9500) 11 months ago
pingfan108 09af8447a1
Correct error message of runtest-cluster and runtest-moduleapi (#7647) 2 years ago
antirez c3f85c0107 Redis Cluster test framework skeleton. 8 years ago
antirez 897adc1c8c Sentinel test files / directories layout improved. 8 years ago
antirez a89c8bb87c Sentinel test: Makefile target added. 9 years ago
Johan Bergström a405979f5f Check available tcl versions 10 years ago
antirez ac834d237a A few small BSD related fixes. 11 years ago
antirez f790bd028c Added a 'runtest' script that is responsible to check if Tcl is available and run the test. This is invoked from Makefile as well. 11 years ago