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adasarpan404 0a2e51f9ae
Renaming conduct to code of conduct and contributing files to .md (#10941) 1 month ago
Binbin 0bfccc55e2
Fixed some typos, add a spell check ci and others minor fix (#8890) 1 year ago
Madelyn Olson df4d916007
Moved security bugs and vulnerability policy to SECURITY.md (#8938) 1 year ago
Oran Agra 1c71038540
Squash merging 125 typo/grammar/comment/doc PRs (#7773) 2 years ago
Brian P O'Rourke 99e6e73235 Add contribution guidelines for vulnerability reports 2 years ago
Brian P O'Rourke 3e35ac9d7f Outdent github issues guidelines 2 years ago
Christian Zeller 7fababd44e
Typo fixes in CONTRIBUTING 3 years ago
antirez fd9407dfc8 Update CONTRIBUTING with present info. 3 years ago
Amit Dey a3a5a25fa0 fixing broken link in CONTRIBUTING 4 years ago
Akshay Nagpal 007e3cbd70
Added link to Google Group 4 years ago
Saurabh Jha 90a3647c9c Fix typos in documentation 6 years ago
antirez d37ef7845b CONTRIBUTING updated. 7 years ago
antirez c147cd8487 CONTRIBUTING updated. 8 years ago
Anurag Ramdasan 839ed7a60b Grammar fix. 9 years ago
antirez ebbc4ebb26 CONTRIBUTING updated with request to add BSD license. 10 years ago
antirez 399669fc6f Make clear that contributing code to the Redis project means to release it under the terms of the BSD license. 10 years ago
antirez 278304cc4d CONTRIBUTING file updated. 10 years ago
Jan Oberst e491a1a1a8 Cleaned up redis root directory and changed links for redis.io and github issues and pull requests 11 years ago
Bruce Mitchener 5215ab1418 Spelling fixes. 11 years ago
antirez 30d31cc8bb Contributing file added 12 years ago