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Peter Geoghegan 28c16f4947 Remove unnecessary PageIsEmpty() nbtree build check. 10 hours ago
backend Remove unnecessary PageIsEmpty() nbtree build check. 10 hours ago
bin Add --no-index-cleanup and --no-truncate to vacuumdb. 2 weeks ago
common Prevent compilation of frontend-only files in src/common/ with backend 1 week ago
fe_utils Mop up some no-longer-necessary hacks around printf %.*s format. 1 week ago
include Create composite array types for initdb-created relations. 12 hours ago
interfaces Fix ecpg crash with bytea and cursor variables. 6 days ago
makefiles Remove libpq.rc, use win32ver.rc for libpq 5 months ago
pl Inline the fast path of plpgsql's exec_cast_value(). 1 day ago
port Clear some style deviations. 1 month ago
template Fix compiler warning for ppoll() on Cygwin 6 months ago
test Fix typo in test 23 hours ago
timezone Remove support for timezone "posixrules" file. 1 week ago
tools Improve perl script in MSVC to build binaries 1 day ago
tutorial Update copyrights for 2020 6 months ago
.gitignore Convert cvsignore to gitignore, and add .gitignore for build targets. 9 years ago
DEVELOPERS Replace a couple of references to files that no longer exist in the source 11 years ago
Makefile Fix partial-build problems introduced by having more generated headers. 2 years ago Update Unicode data to Unicode 13.0.0 and CLDR 37 2 months ago
Makefile.shlib Add PostgreSQL home page to --help output 4 months ago NLS: Fix backend gettext triggers 9 months ago