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  Peter Eisentraut 2102ba4b58 Canonicalize some URLs 7 months ago
  Tom Lane 7f77cbd996 Change documentation references to PG website to use https: not http: 3 years ago
  Tom Lane 2895415205 Don't generate plain-text HISTORY and src/test/regress/README anymore. 6 years ago
  Peter Eisentraut fc946c39ae Remove useless whitespace at end of lines 9 years ago
  Peter Eisentraut 3f11971916 Remove extra newlines at end and beginning of files, add missing newlines 10 years ago
  Bruce Momjian 4222d7f036 Point to our download URL, rather than listing interface in the README 12 years ago
  Bruce Momjian bdf66cb29e Update libpqxx URL in README. 12 years ago
  Bruce Momjian 3fa352da28 Fix main README typo. 12 years ago
  Bruce Momjian 5b60c67bff Update libpqxx URL in top-level README, per Gurjeet Singh. 12 years ago
  Tom Lane 21fec14941 Clean up some now-obsolete references to GBorg. 13 years ago
  Peter Eisentraut e85b5dae6c Fix spectacular misspellings of procedural language names 14 years ago
  Bruce Momjian 7d57a1825f Update README file. 14 years ago
  Neil Conway 3738510c2c Remove more traces of libpgtcl from the source tree. Also, make some 16 years ago
  Tom Lane bd046b99f0 Remove JDBC from the build system and documentation, too. 16 years ago
  Peter Eisentraut b11398b79d Improve wording. 18 years ago
  Marc G. Fournier 5a303f878e Remove all traces of the ODBC driver, which is now on GBorg as the psqlodbc 18 years ago
  Peter Eisentraut a51c7c4b49 New edition 19 years ago
  Tom Lane ea6f2e6973 Fix typo. 19 years ago
  Bruce Momjian 54d9099596 Stamp CVS as 7.2. Update all interface version numbers. This is the 19 years ago
  Bruce Momjian 13e9cea634 Some updates for 7.1.1. 19 years ago
  Marc G. Fournier 25c0ffb9ec check one last time for any erros ... 19 years ago
  Bruce Momjian 6cb6d05456 Brand 7.1 release. Also update jdbc version in release branch. 20 years ago
  Bruce Momjian 54ee522f4f Fixups for 7.0.1 20 years ago
  Bruce Momjian 02ee04180d Update readme for 7.0. 20 years ago
  Bruce Momjian 7ffd7daddb update 21 years ago
  Bruce Momjian d6f26e6451 Update for 6.6. 21 years ago
  Bruce Momjian 5a3fa95c39 Update stuff for 6.5.1 release. 21 years ago
  Marc G. Fournier e741937bc5 Change the README file to show the upcoming 6.5 release... 22 years ago
  Bruce Momjian 690235fcdd Update INSTALL, etc. for release 6.4. Update pgaccess to 0.88. 22 years ago
  Bruce Momjian 8e8116468b Update for 6.3.2 22 years ago
  Bruce Momjian f74f2d39d8 update for 6.3.1 22 years ago
  Bruce Momjian a654db303e Upgrade doc stuff to 6.3. 22 years ago
  Bruce Momjian a805635d21 Cleanups for 6.2.1. 23 years ago
  Bruce Momjian 973a03744c Update README, HISTORY, etc for beta release. 23 years ago
  Bruce Momjian c6e7baa7e1 pg_passwd cleanup 23 years ago
  Bruce Momjian f8fda03d12 pg_password utility. Cleanup for psql passwords. New datetime contrib stuff for new version. Fix for strutils needing config.h. 23 years ago
  Marc G. Fournier 9190a80ef9 Oops, one of DAvid's patches didn't quite make it in cleanly, so a little 23 years ago
  Marc G. Fournier b12241b2aa From: David Friend <dfriend@atlsci.atlsci.com> 23 years ago
  Marc G. Fournier 5b5e06ebc7 Convert Postgres95 to PostgreSQL 24 years ago
  Bruce Momjian 461d22206f documentation updating to 6.0 release 24 years ago
  Bruce Momjian 6de47e1175 Change README to 2.0. 24 years ago
  Marc G. Fournier 9848d3655d Support Docs & Contrib 24 years ago