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OPNsense documentation

Welcome to the OPNsense documentation & wiki.
The purpose of this project is to provide OPNsense users with quality documentation.


You can contribute to the project in many ways, e.g. testing
functionality, sending in bug reports or creating pull requests
directly via GitHub. Any help is always very welcome!


OPNsense documentation is available under the 2-Clause BSD license:

Every contribution made to the project must be licensed under the
same conditions in order to keep OPNsense truly free and accessible
for everybody.

Some pictures are licensed under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license:

Logos may be subject to additional copyrights, property
rights, trademarks etc. and may require the consent of a third party or the
license of these rights. Deciso B.V. does not represent or make any warranties
that it owns or licenses any of the mentioned, nor does it grant them.

Prepare build

On FreeBSD the following packages are required:

pkg install py37-pip jpeg-turbo gmake

Install Sphinx, our default theme and contrib packages:

pip[3] install -r requirements.txt --upgrade

Update API endpoints

A script is provided to update the api endpoint documentation, this can be
executed using:

./ --repo core /path/to/core/repository
./ --repo plugins /path/to/plugins/repository

Generate HTML documents

make html

(make clean to flush)