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blizzz bd6a411486
Merge pull request #413 from nextcloud/fix/noid/build-phar
3 months ago
.github Create Dependabot config file 2 years ago
lib expect dist directory 3 months ago
tests Change stable16 tests to stable21 1 year ago
vendor build updater.phar 3 months ago
.drone.yml update CI images 3 months ago
.gitignore update integration tests to cover the known issue 6 years ago Check if update should be run based on updater server response 6 years ago
LICENSE add AGPL license file - fixes #76 6 years ago
Makefile Update used version of box 1 year ago
box.json add version number 6 years ago
buildVersionFile.php add version number 6 years ago
composer.json add proper autoloader configs 6 years ago
composer.lock composer install symfony/console 6 years ago
index.php add dist folder to index.php as well 3 months ago
updater.phar build updater.phar 3 months ago
updater.php set timezone to avoid warnings 6 years ago
version.php add version number 6 years ago