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A tasks app for Nextcloud. Easily sync tasks from various devices with your Nextcloud and edit them online.



  • add and delete tasks, edit their title, description, start and due dates, set their priority and status
  • support for subtasks
  • smart collections showing you your important, current and upcoming tasks
  • simply drag and drop tasks to other calendars or make them subtasks


In your Nextcloud, simply navigate to »Apps«, choose the category »Organization«, find the Tasks app and enable it. Then open the Tasks app from the app menu.

Apps which sync with Nextcloud Tasks (using CalDAV)


Raimund Schlüßler and many more

If you’d like to join, just go through the issue list and fix some. :)

Developer setup info

Just clone this repo into your apps directory (Nextcloud server installation needed). Additionally, nodejs and npm are needed for installing JavaScript dependencies.

Once node and npm are installed, PHP and JavaScript dependencies can be installed by running

$ make

Please execute this command with your ordinary user account and neither root nor sudo.