98 Commits (master)

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korelstar 46a6bd1bd6 add provider for Nextcloud's unified search 8 months ago
korelstar 937c08754b Dashboard widget for NC20 8 months ago
korelstar 8186e74abb update dependencies / maintainance 1 year ago
Daniel Kraus 183f4e9caa Set font color to black for printing. 2 years ago
korelstar 6041b157df always show undo button 2 years ago
korelstar aa49799483
switch to @nextcloud/vue 1.0 2 years ago
korelstar c01726f4ca
print style 2 years ago
korelstar 1921e5ab91 timeslot headings style 2 years ago
korelstar b2520f32b9
group list of notes by timeslots 2 years ago
korelstar fc7631eb9e
switch to Vue.js 2 years ago
korelstar fcd0a8e624 adjust design of checkboxes 2 years ago
Thomas Anderson bc8b0c4d90 Checkbox functionality 2 years ago
korelstar 67ea6a969b require at least NC14 2 years ago
korelstar 1e35a89c91 fix design issues in some browsers 3 years ago
korelstar 56c243f734 don't change modified when updating category 3 years ago
korelstar 4e4d85c173 improve theme compability 3 years ago
korelstar 8762d62fc2 show more details about current search 3 years ago
korelstar f852e1bee4 show category selector in navigation 3 years ago
korelstar 6156d21056 make category changeable in editor 3 years ago
Tristan Druyen 0c265420fc Add proper fenced code-block formatting 3 years ago
korelstar 3f568bdde8 update/remove obsolete JS dependencies 3 years ago
korelstar 88cfa4d29f new "new" button style from NC14 3 years ago
korelstar 268a8b09dc design optimizations for NC14 3 years ago
korelstar 71dd9e52de show loading icon and "No search result for ..." 3 years ago
korelstar 54a7108adb fix: navigation-toggle disappeared sometimes 3 years ago
korelstar fe52c71e72
add setting for default file suffix 3 years ago
Dan Muckerman 3ffd778322 Remove margin-left offset for any headers after the first in a line 3 years ago
kimthefirst 90b694070c #188 3 years ago
Roberto Guido e0f741a726 explicit width of editable cell 3 years ago
kimthefirst 14aab3923f -Prevent app from crashing upon encountering faulty file. 3 years ago
korelstar 2eea48b05d Fix error handling for save / manual save (#137) 4 years ago
Andreas Jacobsen 40699f54c6 Changed 'new note' to button (#108) 4 years ago
Andreas Jacobsen 966629db22 Fixed weird fullscreen-button size (#104) 4 years ago
Andreas Jacobsen cafea7753c More natural heading-1 size 4 years ago
Hendrik Leppelsack d5db8152ac fullscreen white background 4 years ago
Hendrik Leppelsack bd65e87395 actually go into fullscreen in distraction free mode 5 years ago
Hendrik Leppelsack 046cb26194 increase contrast of meta data and add tooltip 5 years ago
Hendrik Leppelsack ce5e81e215 add distraction free mode 5 years ago
Hendrik Leppelsack b31b31b0c9 grey out formatting characters 4 years ago
Hendrik Leppelsack d8a75917b0 reimplemented clickable links 5 years ago
Hendrik Leppelsack 6a1fd6c12a fix simplemde styling 5 years ago
Hendrik Leppelsack 3a114eaa11 switch editor from mdedit to simplemde 5 years ago
Steven vanZyl 46e4581fc0 make 'New Note' text visible 4 years ago
John Molakvoæ 03c8282a12 Add padding if active title 4 years ago
Hendrik Leppelsack 6aa596ed6b Simple search functionality (#28) 4 years ago
Jan-Christoph Borchardt 9cb2e74df3 add max-width for better readability 5 years ago
korelstar c4726b85f0 New feature: set a note as favorite (star/unstar) (#248) 5 years ago
Jan-Christoph Borchardt 55e2b6ebef use hanging punctuation on mobile as well 6 years ago
Jan-Christoph Borchardt 2b3424ade3 heading style details, improve vertical rhythm 6 years ago
tchncs 99e3951e00 fix shown scrollbar on empty pages 6 years ago