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Nextcloud News app

We need help with the frontend, check the issue tracker if you are interessted!

Build Status Code coverage irc

The News app is an RSS/Atom feed aggregator. It offers a RESTful API for app developers. The source code is available on GitHub

Install and configuration

See the install document and the configuration overview


Supported Browsers

  • Newest Firefox (Desktop, Android, Firefox OS)
  • Newest Chrome/Chromium (Desktop, Android)


Please read the appropriate section in the contributing notices

Sync Clients

Nextcloud News can be synced with the following apps:

Custom Themes

Nextcloud News can look different with the following themes:

Updating Notices

To receive notifications when a new News app version was released, simply add the following Atom feed in your currently installed News app:



Special thanks to the Feed-IO library

Please consider donating to the developer of the RSS parser that powers nextcloud/news: