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## Submitting Desktop Client issues
If you have questions about how to use the Nextcloud Desktop Client, please
visit our [support site][support] or our [forum][forum].
We are also available on [IRC][irc].
### Bug Reporting Guidelines
* __Important__: Report the issue using our [template][template], it includes all the
information we need to track down the issue.
* __SECURITY__: Report any potential security bug by following our [security policy]( instead of filing an issue in our bug tracker
* This repository is *only* for issues within the Nextcloud desktop client.
Issues in other components should be reported in their own repositores:
- [Nextcloud server](
- [Android client](
- [iOS client](
* Search the existing issues first, it's likely that your issue was already
If your issue appears to be a bug, and hasn't been reported, open a new issue.
Help us to maximize the effort we can spend fixing issues and adding new
features, by not reporting duplicate issues.
## Contributing to Source Code
Thanks for wanting to contribute source code to Nextcloud. That's great!
You do not need to sign a Contributor Agreement, but we ask that you follow our
[Code of Conduct](
Please read the [Contribution Guide]( to get
started and follow the [Coding Style](
when writing new code.
## Translations
Please submit translations via [Transifex](