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Marco Hinz 9fb278ddea multiline printf -> heredoc (#11351)
3 days ago
.. py: flake8 fixes 3 months ago
check_urls.vim vim-patch: move test_urls.vim out of runtime/ 1 year ago scripts: Tell curl to follow redirects 2 years ago Remove remaining declarations with new script: 5 years ago py: flake8 fixes 3 months ago lint 2 weeks ago migrate to linuxdeploy #10027 5 months ago
genvimvim.lua runtime/syntax: Fix highlighting of augroup contents (#9328) 11 months ago Format issue-numbers in descriptions [ci skip] 10 months ago legacy2luatest: Use before_each instead of setup. 3 years ago
lua2dox.lua scripts/lua2dox.lua: Remove class declaration block 2 weeks ago
lua2dox_filter get Lua docs via lua2dox.lua #9740 5 months ago Move documentation from function declarations to definitions 5 years ago Remove --verbose flag #10473 4 months ago [ci skip] 1 month ago Merge #11319 'inccommand: fix issues with modifiers and prompting' 6 days ago scripts: autopep8 3 months ago NOLINT data arrays 10 months ago
update_version_stamp.lua update_version_stamp.lua: Use NUL on Windows #11323 1 week ago multiline printf -> heredoc (#11351) 3 days ago
vimpatch.lua vimpatch.lua: automate version.c 1 year ago
windows.ti win/TUI: fix text overrides line numbers #9474 10 months ago