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Justin M. Keyes 6abbc157af
Merge #12862 snap: multiarch, support luajit where possible
1 week ago
common travis: Install clang-11 for ASAN/UBSAN job 2 weeks ago
snap snap: migrate releases to buils 1 week ago ci: Travis: improve/revisit caching (#10358) 1 year ago travis: Relax pyenv versions to 2.7:3.8 2 weeks ago ci/travis: Enable ipv6 #12182 4 months ago
build.ps1 Revert "ci/Appveyor: install diffutils via scoop" 6 months ago Install pynvim with --user to avoid permission issues 6 months ago build: add shlint target for shellcheck (#11350) 10 months ago treesitter: add standard &rtp/parser/ search path for parsers 7 months ago CI: improve gcov handling #10404 1 year ago