160 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  James McCoy cca301d939
Install pynvim with --user to avoid permission issues 2 weeks ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo 45b8dc0c3d
Revert "ci/Appveyor: install diffutils via scoop" 1 month ago
  Björn Linse 00c57c98df treesitter: add standard &rtp/parser/ search path for parsers 2 months ago
  Justin M. Keyes 1c3ca4f18f mksession: always unix slashes "/" for filepaths 2 months ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo b4e4ed844a
ci/Appveyor: respect -NoTest param 2 months ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo 4faf30de3e
ci/Appveyor: install diffutils via scoop 2 months ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo 40cc5822b1
ci: install perl provider 2 months ago
  KillTheMule 2c62b2fc56 build.ps1: add "-NoTests" param #11654 3 months ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo d53456c68f
ci: set nodejs version for tests outside fold 3 months ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo 4bd51d8988
CI: set nodejs version to 10 on main scripts 3 months ago
  Daniel Hahler 5c9063cf2d snap: fix line continuation #11475 4 months ago
  Justin M. Keyes c6d70d1786 snap: more yak-shaving 4 months ago
  Carlos Hernandez 8501e4a1ff snap: add snapcraft secrets to CI 4 months ago
  Carlos Hernandez 6325ec90dc snap: add "snap" job to Travis CI 4 months ago
  Daniel Hahler 629ea19994
deps: upgrade bundled LuaRocks: 2.4.4 => 3.2.1 (#10292) 4 months ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo 5689008060 build: add shlint target for shellcheck (#11350) 4 months ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo 0cf694e83e
ci: do not skip before_install on lint job 5 months ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo 3bee2f1604
ci: use python3 for flake8 5 months ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo ec205f4b9b
ci: simplify tree-sitter-cli install 5 months ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo 9b22b69454
CI/Appveyor: set powershell strict mode 5 months ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo c065b0d75f
CI: bump nodejs to v10.x (LTS) 5 months ago
  Hirokazu Hata 02393a0c74 ci/install.sh: pin treesitter to v0.15.9 #11266 5 months ago
  Daniel Hahler db9f68f98d
ci: AppVeyor: coverage for Lua (Windows) (#10426) 6 months ago
  Daniel Hahler 6ea49d8c76
ci: use cluacov for better performance (#11152) 6 months ago
  Daniel Hahler 8f20c50caa
ci: submit_coverage: run luacov actually (#11169) 6 months ago
  Daniel Hahler e9b420dba5 lint 6 months ago
  Daniel Hahler 7a3602378f ci: upgrade tree-sitter from 0.15.2 to 0.15.9 6 months ago
  Daniel Hahler 77a551b657
ci: coverage for Lua (no Windows, using luacov) (#11127) 6 months ago
  Daniel Hahler 3d3c783fea
ci: Travis: simplify 32bit build (#11093) 6 months ago
  Daniel Hahler b18b84df5e
build: run git-describe for dev version during build (#11117) 6 months ago
  Björn Linse 4ea5e63aa8 tree-sitter: add basic testing on ci 10 months ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo 7be7ec98a2
ci/travis: install pynvim outside of $HOME 6 months ago
  Daniel Hahler 6cc76194b2
tests: use runtime from build for doc/tags with :help (#10479) 7 months ago
  Daniel Hahler fc12ada4f1
ci: AppVeyor: exitIfFailed with old tests (#10187) 7 months ago
  Daniel Hahler 7c0ae06664 ci: Travis: build.sh: use cat "-vet" for osx 7 months ago
  Daniel Hahler 5cc45bb419
ci: Travis: check logs for TSan also (#10775) 7 months ago
  Daniel Hahler 0167c2e0c9
ci: AppVeyor: fix upload of coverage for oldtest (#10721) 8 months ago
  Daniel Hahler 208f56d3b9
ci: Travis: improve/revisit caching (#10358) 8 months ago
  Daniel Hahler d651710de1 ci: pylint target via flake8 8 months ago
  Daniel Hahler 48884ac3b3
ci: Travis: no need for asan_symbolize (#10627) 8 months ago
  Daniel Hahler 997601d966
ci: AppVeyor: DEPS_BUILD_DIR is not a CMake variable [ci skip] (#10613) 8 months ago
  Daniel Hahler d1faf900b1
coverage: use "cd" with gcovr (#10594) 8 months ago
  Daniel Hahler a04e0c8db2
Revert "Downgrade to clang-4.0 to avoid false-positive warnings from clang" [skip appveyor] (#10487) 8 months ago
  Daniel Hahler 777cc6f98a
ci: AppVeyor: do not install unibilium system-wide (#10464) 9 months ago
  Daniel Hahler 44e150bd46
ci: Travis: use minimum supported CMake in one job (#10445) 9 months ago
  Daniel Hahler 28a86608a8 CI: improve gcov handling #10404 9 months ago
  Daniel Hahler 32361a1245 Improve luacheck setup [skip appveyor] 9 months ago
  Daniel Hahler d42bbf363e ci: Travis: do not close fold on failure [skip ci] 9 months ago
  Daniel Hahler c62690ccc4
ci: Travis: upgrade OSX images (10.1 => 10.2) (#10319) 9 months ago
  Daniel Hahler e13ae7cae6
ci: revisit/fix coverage uploading (#10201) 9 months ago