39 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Jan Edmund Lazo 40cc5822b1
ci: install perl provider 5 months ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo c065b0d75f
CI: bump nodejs to v10.x (LTS) 8 months ago
  Justin M. Keyes f9d1e788af CI/AppVeyor: revert whitelist 9 months ago
  Justin M. Keyes ce9367c254
CI/AppVeyor: revert "skip MSVC_32 for non-PR" [skip travis] #10805 10 months ago
  Daniel Hahler bfbc1a7872 CI/AppVeyor: skip MSVC_32 for non-PR builds [skip travis] #10786 10 months ago
  Daniel Hahler 6b028ec5f2
ci: AppVeyor: branches: only: master (#10746) 11 months ago
  Daniel Hahler b59a1f7b52
ci: restore accidentally removed config (#10592) 11 months ago
  Daniel Hahler f08d10a0df
tests: re-enable "tab drag in tabline to the left moves tab left" (#10588) 11 months ago
  Daniel Hahler 28a86608a8 CI: improve gcov handling #10404 1 year ago
  Daniel Hahler 04f559dc05
ci: AppVeyor: GCOV_ERROR_FILE: head/tail [skip ci] (#10335) 1 year ago
  Daniel Hahler 755e94801f ci: AppVeyor: use fast_finish=true 1 year ago
  Daniel Hahler 93f8c2793c
ci: AppVeyor: fix cov job, remove duplicate non-cov one (#10217) 1 year ago
  Justin M. Keyes ae2401621a
ci/build.ps1: Respect CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE if provided #9869 1 year ago
  Justin M. Keyes 8a8213f6d4 CI/AppVeyor: remove redundant cache directive 1 year ago
  Justin M. Keyes 45bf5bb666 CI/AppVeyor: do not cache pacman packages 1 year ago
  Justin M. Keyes 02aa57afa5 CI/AppVeyor: build deps out-of-tree 1 year ago
  Justin M. Keyes c5e8924f4e
CI/AppVeyor: do skip-logic earlier #9854 1 year ago
  Justin M. Keyes a7a56293aa
CI/AppVeyor: per-compiler deps cache #9852 1 year ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo a7b17d4b3e CI/AppVeyor: invalidate .deps if build.ps1 changes 1 year ago
  b-r-o-c-k 393935c32d ci/AppVeyor: enable MSVC_32 build 2 years ago
  b-r-o-c-k e24e98534b ci/AppVeyor: use PowerShell (#8124) 2 years ago
  Justin M. Keyes ffad8d4c51 ci/AppVeyor: disable MSVC_32 build 2 years ago
  b-r-o-c-k e0d55f2871 build/msvc: Allow MSVC AppVeyor builds to fail 2 years ago
  b-r-o-c-k cfb713b5c6 build/msvc: Add Appveyor CI for MSVC 2 years ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo a1adfdc7d5 ci: nodejs client acceptance-test #7706 2 years ago
  Justin M. Keyes 981387b7c8 ci/appveyor: modify compression options for cache 2 years ago
  James McCoy 9a9d9a187f ci: Ignore MINGW_64-gcov failures in overall ci status 2 years ago
  Justin M. Keyes 44dc8bbb13 ci/win: list build permutations explicitly (#7163) 2 years ago
  James McCoy e88fc35429
ci: Collect coverage data for MINGW_64 builds on appveyor 2 years ago
  Justin M. Keyes de378477cc ci/appveyor: fix cache pattern 3 years ago
  ZyX 60ee50ce4b appveyor: Widen .deps cache dependency 3 years ago
  Nikolai Aleksandrovich Pavlov a1c928e70c ci: Do not hide ci directory (#6410) 3 years ago
  Justin M. Keyes 0095ad5693 win/CI: Cache dependencies. 3 years ago
  Justin M. Keyes 880ce887ed ci: Update appveyor artifact path. 3 years ago
  Rui Abreu Ferreira eb2d547bd5 build: Refactor appveyor/Windows scripts (#5244) 3 years ago
  Rui Abreu Ferreira 6348864e29 Appveyor: Generate helptags and build artifacts 3 years ago
  Rui Abreu Ferreira f53c8258be MinGW Appveyor builds 3 years ago
  Seth Jackson e12d371f9d Windows: Crank to MSVC 2015 on AppVeyor. #3254 4 years ago
  Rui Abreu Ferreira 43c767ba78 AppVeyor: MSVC builds for third-party/ 5 years ago