15446 Commits (master)

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  Marvim the Paranoid Android 30a6e374d4
version.c: update [ci skip] #11995 2 days ago
  James McCoy 496faf2271
Merge pull request #12074 from jamessan/vim-patch-review 2 days ago
  Björn Linse 6ca7ebb346
Merge pull request #11748 from bfredl/viewport 5 days ago
  Björn Linse 1fe0b329fe api/ui: win_viewport event for visible range and cursor position in window 2 months ago
  James McCoy dc7f59e04b
vim-patch.sh: Fix creation of commit list for PR review 6 days ago
  Hirokazu Hata 4139678f97
vim.uri: fix uri_to_fname (#12059) 1 week ago
  Matthieu Coudron e700a88bb6
Merge pull request #11746 from Billy4195/add_wildmenu_key 1 week ago
  Zantox 4d53bdccc6 doc: Fix wildmenu doc inconsistencies and typos 1 week ago
  Björn Linse a8f7841924
Merge pull request #12043 from bfredl/pumrl 2 weeks ago
  Björn Linse 4dabbc19d4 popupmenu: don't use 'rightleft' option in cmdline mode 2 weeks ago
  Björn Linse 9847306b95
Merge pull request #12030 from erw7/fix-tui-access-global-var 2 weeks ago
  James McCoy 61d4b81d21
Merge pull request #12026 from jamessan/s390x-travis 2 weeks ago
  erw7 9333f86ab7 TUI: do not use "nvim_get_option" in tui thread 2 weeks ago
  James McCoy ca828eaed6
Install gettext for msgfmt/msgmerge 2 weeks ago
  James McCoy be7cefdc4f
Set FUNCTIONALTEST=functionaltest-lua for s390x 2 weeks ago
  James McCoy cca301d939
Install pynvim with --user to avoid permission issues 2 weeks ago
  James McCoy 0ab7cfa78b
Add big-endian, s390x job to Travis 4 months ago
  Will Eccles 87d892afa0
vim-patch:8.1.0864 Make 'scrolloff' and 'sidescrolloff' options window local (#11854) 2 weeks ago
  Björn Linse 5a5c2f0290
Merge pull request #11927 from Jesse-Bakker/lsp-buf-version 3 weeks ago
  Justin M. Keyes 2b00d1d09c
Merge #11977 from janlazo/vim-8.1.1279 4 weeks ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo b00650cfe9
vim-patch:8.2.0361: internal error when using "0" for a callback 1 month ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo 1ad414f6ee
version.c: update 1 month ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo 716bebad48
vim-patch:8.2.0360: yaml files are only recognized by the file extension 1 month ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo 63d8f08b0b
vim-patch:8.1.1279: cannot set 'spellang' to "sr@latin" 1 month ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo 45b8dc0c3d
Revert "ci/Appveyor: install diffutils via scoop" 1 month ago
  Justin M. Keyes f8f41d088b diff.c: fix sprintf call 1 month ago
  Hirokazu Hata fbc4c4fd36
lsp: make showMessage and logMessage callbacks different (#11942) 1 month ago
  Matthieu Coudron d22fd58629
Merge pull request #11716 from teto/folds_auto_backup 1 month ago
  Matthieu Coudron 6f261d2394 updating doc 1 month ago
  Hirokazu Hata e35ff7371f
lua: add vim.tbl_len() #11889 1 month ago
  Marvim the Paranoid Android e2e99b9f81
version.c: update [ci skip] #11721 1 month ago
  Justin M. Keyes 0110735547
Merge #11929 from janlazo/vim-8.1.1510 1 month ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo f1923d4b92
vim-patch:8.1.1793: mixed comment style in globals 1 month ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo ad0587133f
vim-patch:8.1.1108: test for 'visualbell' doesn't work 1 month ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo e6c9db6ede
vim-patch:8.1.1107: no test for 'visualbell' 1 month ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo 4ccbc8d56e
vim-patch:8.2.0108: when sign text is changed a manual redraw is needed 1 month ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo c40bb2de7a
vim-patch:8.1.0939: no completion for sign group names 1 month ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo b376bb49b5
vim-patch:8.1.1552: cursor position is wrong after sign column changes 1 month ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo c6481f70c2
vim-patch:8.1.1489: sign order wrong when priority was changed 1 month ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo 1caa85b677
vim-patch:8.1.1466: not updating priority on existing sign 1 month ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo ca3dba482c
vim-patch:8.1.0896: tests for restricted mode no run for MS-Windows GUI 1 month ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo 2a818f8901
vim-patch:8.1.0885: test for restricted hangs on MS-Windows GUI 1 month ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo d846f47cc8
vim-patch:8.1.0881: can execute shell commands in rvim through interfaces 1 month ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo 3618fe9e8c
vim-patch:8.1.0883: missing some changes for Ex commands 1 month ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo ab38df2fc5
vim-patch:8.1.1642: may use uninitialized variable 1 month ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo a78e8f6e1b
vim-patch:8.1.0253: saving and restoring window title does not always work 1 month ago
  Matthieu Coudron 4ffae76520 addressing reviews 1 month ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo fa6518b1da
vim-patch:8.2.0135: bracketed paste can still cause invalid memory access 1 month ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo 55e3f21110
vim-patch:8.2.0133: invalid memory access with search command 1 month ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo 4de2957a99
vim-patch:8.0.1587: inserting from the clipboard doesn't work literally 1 month ago