14789 Commits (master)

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  Joe Hermaszewski 1ff5b60cb9 vim-patch:8.1.0251: support full paths for 'backupdir' #11269 1 day ago
  Marvim the Paranoid Android b1c4a8191e version.c: update [ci skip] #11160 1 day ago
  Justin M. Keyes d547c8d9ad
Merge #11414 from janlazo/vim-8.1.2312 1 day ago
  Justin M. Keyes af53a0c012
doc: Lua [ci skip] #11378 1 day ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo 6ca3e6bfa9
vim-patch:8.1.2317: no test for spell affix file with flag on suffix 1 day ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo f484d3b2d4
vim-patch:8.1.2314: vi' sometimes does not select anything 1 day ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo e4b185893f
vim-patch:8.1.2312: "line:" field in tags file not used 1 day ago
  Justin M. Keyes 54402d6b8f
Merge #11340 'Factor out parse_one_cmd()' 1 day ago
  erw7 91f4bb0aee TUI: use stdio names instead of magic numbers #11410 1 day ago
  Christian Clason 1f0fc4e452 build/macOS: set -fno-stack-check for LuaJIT build #11412 1 day ago
  Marco Hinz 97f1222005
provider/python: add python3.8 executable (#11402) 1 day ago
  Justin M. Keyes a45890e82e
Merge #11406 from janlazo/vim-8.1.1922 2 days ago
  Nikolay Shebanov 7116a41e30 tutor: change arrows (--->) to symbols ✗ and ✓ #11404 2 days ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo 3056ff4b8c
vim-patch:8.1.2305: no warning for wrong entry in translations 2 days ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo b83027858a
vim-patch:8.1.2289: after :diffsplit closing the window does not disable diff 2 days ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo da7bb53d99
diff: move diff globals to diff.h 2 days ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo 7274f5c177
vim-patch:8.1.1922: in diff mode global operations can be very slow 2 days ago
  Björn Linse d3ef88db63
Merge pull request #11338 from bfredl/vvlua 2 days ago
  Björn Linse dab40f43b1 Add v:lua.func() vimL syntax for calling lua 2 weeks ago
  Björn Linse 18096631b1
Merge pull request #11399 from bfredl/markundo 2 days ago
  Björn Linse ebdf90e7d7 extmark: don't crash in RO buffer. 3 days ago
  Björn Linse 6222cca36a undo: delete undo_off global without effect 3 days ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo d79164c9f9 vim-patch:8.1.0992: :normal resets reg_executing() result #11398 3 days ago
  Justin M. Keyes e3b08a0fc4
Merge #11384 from janlazo/vim-8.1.2293 5 days ago
  James McCoy 570ee5f404 f_getenv/setenv: Access v_special when v_type is VAR_SPECIAL #11388 5 days ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo a0c18bf201
spell: fix clang logic error 5 days ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo c2ceed4994
quickfix: fix dead assignment 5 days ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo 6989ac05f4
vim-patch:8.1.0927: USE_CR is never defined 6 days ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo 0cb6fc804d
vim-patch:8.1.2293: join adds trailing space when second line is empty 6 days ago
  Rob Pilling 63abe3ca19 Factor out parse_one_cmd() 1 week ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo c512dffb55 vim-patch:8.1.0266: parsing Ex address range is not a separate function 2 weeks ago
  Ashkan Kiani 00dc12c5d8 lua LSP client: initial implementation (#11336) 5 days ago
  Justin M. Keyes db436d5277
Merge #11376 'extmark: renames, docs' 1 week ago
  Justin M. Keyes a24eff0e27 extmark: fix spelling of "Extmark" 1 week ago
  Justin M. Keyes 2d7e1c32a8 extmark: rename ExtendedMark => Extmark 1 week ago
  Justin M. Keyes 54473e9a67 doc [ci skip] 1 week ago
  Justin M. Keyes 0190de9aab
Merge #11307 'Lua: vim.validate()' 1 week ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo 8d70335b00 vim-patch:8.1.0622: adding quickfix items marks items as valid errors #11373 1 week ago
  Björn Linse 122426966e
Merge pull request #11356 from bfredl/extmark2 1 week ago
  Björn Linse 18a8b702c0 extmark: review changes 1 week ago
  timeyyy a9065a5051 nsmarks: initial commit 2 years ago
  Timothy C Eichler e757f4d536 namespace: add ns_initialized func 2 years ago
  Marco Hinz 181486d7e6
api: fix typo in debug function name 1 week ago
  Justin M. Keyes f59e1f58a2 Lua: mark some functions as "private" 1 week ago
  Justin M. Keyes 7a3d3257db fix nvim__buf_stats 1 week ago
  Justin M. Keyes a0d992785f Lua: Use vim.validate() instead of assert() 1 week ago
  Justin M. Keyes 7aa4042d3b Lua: vim.validate() 1 week ago
  Hirokazu Hata 678a51b1da Lua: vim.validate() 3 weeks ago
  Justin M. Keyes b9c9283f72 spellfile.vim: improve error message for missing spellfile 1 week ago
  Björn Linse 06a020af09
Merge pull request #11366 from bfredl/flakycat 1 week ago