15846 Commits (master)

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  Matthieu Coudron e49fc4ba1f
Merge pull request #12538 from janlazo/vim-8.2.1055 8 hours ago
  Christian Clason 4ab7bbf3ea
lua: add options to highlight.on_yank (#12549) 1 day ago
  Christian Clason f9579d473e
lsp: add optional vertical padding, maximal size to floats (#12444) 1 day ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo 10c563577c
vim-patch:8.1.0093: non-MS-Windows: Cannot interrupt gdb when program is running 2 days ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo 37bc089fb9
vim-patch:8.2.1104: Coverity warnts for possible NULL pointer use 5 days ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo 9f73715daa
vim-patch:8.2.1089: Coverity warns for pointer computation 1 week ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo e84c075ad9
vim-patch:8.2.1095: may use pointer after freeing it 1 week ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo f01bb307fd
vim-patch:8.2.1060: not all elinks files are recognized 1 week ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo 610c4d2b83
'clang/Logic error': use enums to avoid undefined array subscript 1 week ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo edaff441de
vim-patch:8.1.1372: when evaluating 'statusline' the current window is unknown 1 week ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo 43a2e5fe4b
vim-patch:8.2.1055: no filetype set for pacman config files 1 week ago
  Matthieu Coudron bd5f0e9695
Merge pull request #12531 from BK1603/autoread-tui 2 days ago
  BK1603 bab77d122f removed test file 2 days ago
  Marvim the Paranoid Android f137307dce
version.c: update [ci skip] (#12581) 3 days ago
  BK1603 435344034d removed whitespace 3 days ago
  BK1603 8a819d44d2 removed retry 4 days ago
  BK1603 ae183990ee clarified the reason for wait 4 days ago
  BK1603 a2370a5df0 replaced sleep with a changed mtime for the test file 4 days ago
  BK1603 4da0530b00 removed unnecessary feed calls 4 days ago
  TJ DeVries 7b529e7912
doc: fix scripts and regenerate (#12506) 4 days ago
  Anmol Sethi 2844cd54da
docs: Describe how to escape keycodes with nvim_feedkeys (#12484) 5 days ago
  BK1603 3bcc27e16a Added test 1 week ago
  BK1603 8bee2ff19d Update file on focus gained 1 week ago
  BK1603 22828f59bb Added healt check for tmux focus events 1 week ago
  Marvim the Paranoid Android 267bc57d21
version.c: update [ci skip] (#12524) 6 days ago
  Mathias Fußenegger 554b21261e
lsp: Use nvim_buf_get_lines in locations_to_items and add more tests (#12357) 6 days ago
  Matthieu Coudron 1920ba4b55
Merge pull request #12491 from vigoux/treesitter-set-ranges 1 week ago
  Thomas Vigouroux 69816f5e13 treesitter: use single nodes in set_ranges 1 week ago
  Thomas Vigouroux 66af35fc85 treesitter: separate tests into smaller pieces 1 week ago
  Thomas Vigouroux 35cc8b6e83 treesitter: fix lint 1 week ago
  Thomas Vigouroux b652f74ca3 treesitter: use nodes to mark ranges 2 weeks ago
  Thomas Vigouroux 558893b1b9 treesitter: add some documentation for parsers 3 weeks ago
  Thomas Vigouroux 75a1239eb5 treesitter: fix some clint errors 3 weeks ago
  Thomas Vigouroux ac18403d6e treesitter: test newly added set_included_ranges 3 weeks ago
  Thomas Vigouroux 333f3f19db treesitter: add set_included_ranges to the parser 4 weeks ago
  James McCoy fd545d46fa
Merge pull request #12567 from teto/wordcount_doc_fix 1 week ago
  Matthieu Coudron d5bbaf92c1 doc: fix wordcount description 1 week ago
  cbarrete 48ac77a14c
LSP: Set current name as default rename text (#12553) 1 week ago
  Hirokazu Hata 7efb302d26
Merge pull request #12252 from dlukes/formatting-sync 1 week ago
  James McCoy 225f0bcd98
Merge pull request #12133 from bradking/syntax-fold 1 week ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo 352831229f
vim-patch:8.2.1044: not all systemd file types are recognized (#12527) 1 week ago
  Brad King 357c16515c vim-patch:8.2.0865 syntax: Add command to control how foldlevel is computed 3 months ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo 30b02a1bee
vim-patch:8.2.1041: test summary is missing executed count (#12519) 1 week ago
  francisco souza 2f6d1d3c88
lsp: when apply text edits, set buflisted on buffers (#12489) 1 week ago
  Brad King ee3605aed4 syntax: Factor out duplicate E390 strings 1 month ago
  Brad King ae5651942e syntax: factor out helper to compute the syntax-based foldlevel 3 months ago
  Thomas Vigouroux 36d71e775a treesitter: simplify puhstree call process 4 weeks ago
  Ghjuvan Lacambre 721f69c4af
terminal: preserve mode when using <Cmd>wincmd in terminal mode (#12254) 2 weeks ago
  erw7 1619410a05
main.c: fix hang issue with recoverymode (#12496) 2 weeks ago
  Matthieu Coudron 8f30753aa1
Merge pull request #12455 from janlazo/vim-8.0.1554 2 weeks ago