15340 Commits (master)

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  Justin M. Keyes a2efc9cf8b
loop_close: timout after 2 seconds #11821 13 hours ago
  Justin M. Keyes b353a5c05f
test: always dump logs on failure #11886 14 hours ago
  Justin M. Keyes 03f245c0b8
Merge #11873 from janlazo/vim-8.1.0786 14 hours ago
  Justin M. Keyes 0c5d2ffebe
Merge #11837 'LSP: fixes, improve test visibility' 14 hours ago
  Justin M. Keyes 6e13b9d261 test/LSP: assert contents of log file 18 hours ago
  Justin M. Keyes a446fbc8fa lsp/rpc.lua: fix `env` application function 1 week ago
  Justin M. Keyes 4cf48dc329 test/LSP: dump logs on error 1 week ago
  Justin M. Keyes 1eb0f5371a LSP: fix validate_client_config 1 week ago
  Justin M. Keyes c15bd6cd27 test/LSP: use less-generic exit code 1 week ago
  Justin M. Keyes b04165859d test: style 1 week ago
  Justin M. Keyes 322b2731ed deps: lua-client 0.2.2-1 1 week ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo 1ce4b3c9a7
vim-patch:8.2.0267: no check for a following cmd when calling a function fails 22 hours ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo acc5fd9fac
vim-patch:8.1.0043: ++bad argument of :edit does not work properly 1 day ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo 18d86283b0
vim-patch:8.0.1660: the terminal API "drop" command doesn't support options 1 day ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo 7955c05acc
vim-patch:8.1.1201: output of :command is hard to read 3 months ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo 986eafce47
vim-patch:8.1.2187: error for bad regexp even though regexp is not used 4 days ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo 5e38516a46
vim-patch:8.2.0241: crash when setting 'buftype' to "quickfix" 6 days ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo bde4f47eb2
vim-patch:8.1.2223: cannot see what buffer an ml_get error is for 1 week ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo 0f5bb9faf1
vim-patch:8.1.0786: ml_get error when updating the status line 1 week ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo 4907bc2626
vim-patch:8.1.2259: running tests may leave XfakeHOME behind 1 week ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo e52c22d63c
vim-patch:8.1.2131: MSVC tests fail 1 week ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo e5aeb2e193
vim-patch:8.1.2129: using hard coded executable path in test 1 week ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo a1d6c2f5c9
checkhealth: allow 'sudo install' of 'Neovim::Ext' #11874 1 day ago
  Björn Linse dc0e534a91
Merge pull request #11864 from h-michael/deepcopy 2 days ago
  Matthieu Coudron bb331a9b31
mouse.c: can click on multibyte foldopen/foldclose (#11863) 3 days ago
  Björn Linse 61c98a1cf2
Merge pull request #11870 from QnJ1c2kNCg/master 3 days ago
  Hirokazu Hata cdb729b746
lua: add vim.tbl_extend and vim.deepcopy test 3 days ago
  Hirokazu Hata c230c7d1a6
lua: if second argument is vim.empty_dict(), vim.tbl_extend uses empty_dict() instead of {} 4 days ago
  erw7 146598efcc
build: Fix MSVC build failure on CI #11865 3 days ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo 1b200d9936
checkhealth: ignore cpamn "!" output #11869 3 days ago
  Bruno Roy a26943e9b3 clang bug: Dead assignment `ns_id` 3 days ago
  Mathias Fußenegger d9657b3ae2
doc/lsp: start_client config cmd must be a list (#11866) 4 days ago
  Hirokazu Hata 417fc6ccf7
lua: vim.deepcopy uses empty_dict() instead of {} for empty_dict() 4 days ago
  Björn Linse a73d8ace0b
Merge pull request #11859 from h-michael/empty-dict 5 days ago
  Hirokazu Hata 032ede0203
test: add json_encode test for vim.empty_dict() 5 days ago
  Justin M. Keyes 68de6b17b8
Merge #10433 from erw7/vim-8.1.0027 5 days ago
  erw7 d54b5997b7 Fix issue where callbacks are garbage collected 5 months ago
  erw7 3557757a3c vim-patch:8.1.0092: prompt buffer test fails 8 months ago
  erw7 aec3d7915c vim-patch:8.1.0091: MS-Windows: Cannot interrupt gdb when program is running 8 months ago
  erw7 b015c4741c vim-patch:8.1.0071: terminal debugger only works with the terminal feature 9 months ago
  erw7 f320db3450 vim-patch:8.1.0070: missing part of the changes for prompt_setinterrupt() 9 months ago
  erw7 fe395ae210 vim-patch:8.1.0069: cannot handle pressing CTRL-C in a prompt buffer 9 months ago
  erw7 783aecd501 vim-patch:8.1.0036: not restoring Insert mode if leaving prompt buffer with mouse 9 months ago
  erw7 3ca0343fb9 vim-patch:8.1.0032: BS in prompt buffer starts new line 9 months ago
  erw7 4813ad48cd vim-patch:8.1.0027: difficult to make a plugin that feeds a line to a job 9 months ago
  Matthieu Coudron 58ec72f9fd
LSP: rename validate_command to _cmd_parts #11847 5 days ago
  Jesse-Bakker 5d5b068d5b
LSP: Refine formatting tabSize #11834 6 days ago
  Matthieu Coudron 2572c5d093
Merge pull request #11845 from rht/master 6 days ago
  Björn Linse e14fae81e9
Merge pull request #11848 from fwalch/build-tree-sitter-out-of-source 6 days ago
  Florian Walch 3f217741ec Build tree-sitter out-of-source 1 week ago