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New version, still under construction, is available here : https://github.com/lepton-distribution/lepton-root.scions.
Legacy version available on this github depot: https://github.com/lepton-distribution/lepton
Lepton/Tauon is an open source POSIX "compliant" Operating System for
deeply embedded devices. It tries to bring PSE-53 POSIX capabilities
to embedded world (including multiprocess, filesystems, messages
queues, ... BUT currently no asynchronous I/O support).
The system implementation follows an UNIX approach.
The aim of this project, it's not to develop another operating system
like GNU/Linux, but an human understandable operating system that provides
more services than a realtime kernel, while keeping a reasonable footprint
for deeply embedded system.
We hope Lepton/Tauon will be able to help anybody to develop their personal,
school or professional projects easily and quickly.
We are ready to accommodate contributions to improve Lepton/Tauon and support
new features.
Supported platforms:
-. ARM7: AT91M55800A (Atmel)
-. ARM9: AT91SAM9261-EK (Atmel)
-. ARM9: AT91SAM9260-EK (Atmel)
-. ARM Cortex-M4: TWR-K60N512 (Freescale)
-. PC (32bits simulation for GNU/Linux and MS Windows)
Initial version of Lepton/Tauon is
Lepton/Tauon provides more than 150 POSIX functions over a real-time
operating system that can be:
-. Proprietary embOS from Segger (original Lepton)
-. Open source eCos community (Tauon)
Lepton/Tauon offers the ability to use other real-time operating system (closed
or open source) like FreeRTOS by using a simple abstraction layer.
Lepton/Tauon uses some parts of underlying real-time operating system:
-. board startup (HAL)
-. basic synchronization functions (semaphore, mutex, ...)
-. task sheduler
-. ISR mechanisms
-. some libraries (math.h, stdlib.h, ...)
In addition Lepton/Tauon offers:
-. more than 150 functions from POSIX standard (IEEE Std 1003.1a),
realtime extension (1003.1b) and threads extension (1003.1c)
-. simple model for device drivers
-. UNIX stream to improve "reuse"
-. support lwip stack (1.3.2)
-. support uip stack (1.0) (Lepton only)
-. support rootfs, ufs, fat16 (msdos and vfat) filesystem
-. VFS layer to brings new and custom file systems
-. USB devices stack and profils CDC-ACM, MSD and Ethernet-ECM (tested
only on AT91SAM9261-EK)
-. NanoX and FLTK support (FLNX exactly)
-. Mongoose WEB server, FTP server (from trollFTPD) and mini shell
-. simulation process under GNU/Linux (Tauon) and Windows (Lepton)
To install Lepton/Tauon and launch a sample application see docs/INSTALL.
To see what is Lepton/Tauon, installation are tested on:
-. Debian Squeeze and Wheezy
-. Ubuntu 11.10
To create your application, see docs/START.
To see all available function, see docs/AVAILABLE_POSIX
Changes made in version are documented in the ChangeLog file.
Directories and/or files in this distribution:
-. tools : tools to build a Lepton/Tauon application
-. sys/user : part for user application sources, libraries and
-. sys/root/lib/arch : install path for all supported eCos HAL
-. sys/root/prj/scons : general compilations files for arch supported
by Lepton/Tauon.
-. sys/root/prj/config : a pkg-config files use for compilation and a
minicom configuration file for simulation
-. sys/root/src/sbin : source files for general utilities (mini
shell aka lsh, mkfs, ls, uname, ...)
-. sys/root/src/bin/net : source files for high level networking
utilities like web server or telnet server.
-. sys/root/src/lib : source files for all common libraries (libc,
pthread, ..)
-. sys/root/src/kernel/core : source files for all kernel functions
-. sys/root/src/kernel/core/core-ecos : source files for kernel
functions that use underlying real-time os functions
-. sys/root/src/kernel/fs : source files for supported filesystems.
-. sys/root/src/kernel/net : source files for supported net stack.
Currently, Tauon only supports lwip.
-. sys/root/src/kernel/dev : source files for device drivers.
Send comments/corrections/improvements to lepton-discuss@googlegroups.com.
The Lepton/Tauon home page is http://code.google.com/p/lepton/.
Thanks to:
* eCos: http://ecos.sourceware.org/
* lwip: http://savannah.nongnu.org/projects/lwip/
* nano-X: http://www.microwindows.org/
* fltk: http://www.fltk.org/
* openOCD: http://openocd.sourceforge.net/
* all BSD and GNU tools...
Philippe Le Boulanger (original author of Lepton and maintainer)
Jean-Jacques Pitrolle (maintainer)