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Adnan Maolood 4558b995c2 Update core-go 1 month ago
.builds .builds/alpine.yml: upgrade to 3.15 4 months ago
_static Handle unselecting all highlights properly 2 years ago
api Update core-go 1 month ago
gitsrht Change markup for diff insert/delete lines 2 months ago
gitsrht-dispatch gitsrht-dispatch: add support for supplementary groups 7 months ago
gitsrht-keys gitsrht-keys: upgrade srht-keys dependency 7 months ago
gitsrht-shell gitsrht: Store visibility as enum instead of varchar 4 months ago
gitsrht-update-hook gitsrht-update-hook: include branch name in job tags 3 months ago
scripts scripts/ fix conditionals 2 years ago
scss Fix text-decoration for <del> tag 1 month ago
.gitignore gqlgen.yml: rename generated file 3 months ago
.gitmodules Update SCSS to srht standard 5 years ago
LICENSE AGPL 5 years ago
Makefile Makefile: update Python version 3 months ago Add 4 years ago
cloneperf Go bits: parse Redis host as a URL 3 years ago
config.example.ini Add api-origin to example config 3 months ago
gitsrht-initdb add database stamp for 2 years ago
gitsrht-migrate Set up webhooks 3 years ago
gitsrht-periodic gitsrht: Store visibility as enum instead of varchar 4 months ago Add debug server support for http cloning 3 years ago Add minio dependency 1 year ago
static Implement authorized keys command 5 years ago

This repository contains the code for the git hosting service. For
instructions on deploying or contributing to this project, visit the manual