28240 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Kevin Fenzi 9ce30c2a12 openshift / README: update cert-manager docs. 2 days ago
  Mohan Boddu 144677302f F31 Beta releng unfreeze 2 days ago
  Mikolaj Izdebski 5b0ab25060 Terminate koschei_backend_stg and koschei_web_stg hosts 3 days ago
  Mikolaj Izdebski 425892a2ea proxies-reverseproxy: Don't proxy Koschei app in staging 3 days ago
  Mikolaj Izdebski f235c42266 proxies-redirects: Add Koschei redirect 3 days ago
  Mikolaj Izdebski 51e2596006 staging-sync/koschei: Rewrite for OpenShift 3 days ago
  Mikolaj Izdebski 18e9136868 Koschei: Give jobs access to Kerberos keytab 3 days ago
  Mikolaj Izdebski 92242f5f47 Koschei: create OpenShift Job object 3 days ago
  Mikolaj Izdebski 8cb8ef0dcf staging-sync/koschei: Drop support for BDR database 3 days ago
  Kevin Fenzi 1138579a25 openshift / staging: All upgraded now. 3 days ago
  Kevin Fenzi f6ea0a94ce openshift / staging: -s not _s here for this variable. 3 days ago
  Chenxiong Qi 848ed453e2 mts: fix routing key in playbook 3 days ago
  Chenxiong Qi 443a0ddef1 Revert "mts: try to set topic differently for stg and prod" 3 days ago
  Mikolaj Izdebski 95c96797e2 Revert "chrony: Don't disable and stop ntp on Fedora >= 31" 4 days ago
  Mikolaj Izdebski aad9ee4ca3 chrony: Don't disable and stop ntp on Fedora >= 31 4 days ago
  Mikolaj Izdebski 5bcd3b460c f31-test: Use a newer, GA cloud image 4 days ago
  Mikolaj Izdebski 6a30d2de35 Add f31-test.fedorainfracloud.org 4 days ago
  Kevin Fenzi 3151d60d61 openshift staging: Images are 117. 4 days ago
  Kevin Fenzi d501f7a185 openshift / staging: package version is 3.11.117 4 days ago
  Kevin Fenzi a652aecce6 openshift / stg: fix variables that have changed. 4 days ago
  Kevin Fenzi 6eb85d27c9 openshift / staging: fix logic on using upgrading or not. 4 days ago
  Kevin Fenzi 87fdce5cf5 openshift / staging: enable upgrading 4 days ago
  Kevin Fenzi 5520f4e3b2 openshift / staging: update to latest openshift-ansible ( 3.11.145 ) 4 days ago
  mprahl ed8cccea0b Fix a typo in the MBS configuration 4 days ago
  Michal Konečný 833af0930e [the-new-hotness] Change mdapi staging URL 5 days ago
  Kevin Fenzi eabb92ef1e openshift stg / update registry.redhat.io in stg cluster. 5 days ago
  Dusty Mabe df649c461d
coreos-cincinnati: add ability to delete project in openshift 5 days ago
  Luca Bruno 69a24fa732
coreos-cincinnati: deploy latest master (bb71d10) 6 days ago
  Pavel Raiskup 6bb8a8944b copr: be: turn on fedora-messaging role on production 6 days ago
  Pavel Raiskup ae72b1174d copr: be: flip to fedora-messaging 6 days ago
  Luca Bruno 8b7bb0cbfb
coreos-cincinnati: build latest master (bb71d10) 1 week ago
  Pavel Raiskup 05db1df9a0 copr: copr-be-dev: correct msg config filename 6 days ago
  Pavel Raiskup e93faf5e94 copr: be-dev: enable fedora-messaging 6 days ago
  Pavel Raiskup e2b1d6537e Revert "copr: enable fedmsg on be-dev" 6 days ago
  Pavel Raiskup e360b92fec copr: enable fedmsg on be-dev 6 days ago
  Chenxiong Qi 8b33644453 mts: try to set topic differently for stg and prod 6 days ago
  Chenxiong Qi b0f83bd6cd mts: set queue durable and auto_delete differently for stg and prod 6 days ago
  Chenxiong Qi 62c85700e2 mts: drop test routing key and fix mbs routing key 6 days ago
  Chenxiong Qi 54ce389807 mts: add another topic to test stg 6 days ago
  Chenxiong Qi 5a2945e19e mts: fix ACCESS_REFUSED for access to queue name mts.stg 6 days ago
  Kevin Fenzi 344939b810 bodhi / backend: drop i386 from updates-sync as well. 6 days ago
  Kevin Fenzi fc80dc7e23 openshift: fix registry.redhat.io ip in hosts. 6 days ago
  Kevin Fenzi efb5da2660 vars: fix case typo in FedoraBranchedBodhi 6 days ago
  Kevin Fenzi c65f5c46d1 bodhi-backend / pungi: drop i386 trees for f31+ 6 days ago
  Kevin Fenzi e5ce7fa00d basessh: Always run the keygen shell command if needed, even in check mode. 1 week ago
  Luca Bruno c6ec6f5cd2
Revert "coreos-cincinnati: build latest master (bb71d10)" 6 days ago
  Dusty Mabe 11c0f4865e
coreos-cincinnati: add dustymabe to appowners 6 days ago
  Mikolaj Izdebski 46f6e1d2f8 Allow sysadmin-osbs to SSH into bastion and batcave 6 days ago
  Luca Bruno ca85da8bc5
coreos-cincinnati: build latest master (bb71d10) 1 week ago
  Luca Bruno b9bdae990b
coreos-cincinnati: deploy latest master (9a913c0) 1 week ago