27499 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Stephen Smoogen 4a22ddc81e [grobisplitter] fix script to be less chatty AND to give proper error messages 18 hours ago
  Clement Verna b291e673f5 Greenwave : Add fedora-31 product in Fedora policies in staging to test rawhide gating 1 day ago
  Adam Williamson 04b39f0bdc check-compose: fix recipient list value 1 day ago
  Adam Williamson 5e8167416d check-compose: fix dict unpacking syntax 1 day ago
  Adam Williamson 1aa79a63a6 check-compose: need a conditional too... 1 day ago
  Adam Williamson d20635ed36 check-compose: add missing endfor's 1 day ago
  Adam Williamson 455af49b80 check-compose: try to rejig email recipients for new system 1 day ago
  Kevin Fenzi 6705ee4d37 pdc/backend: Fix cron job ti involke lock-wrapper correctly. 1 day ago
  Kevin Fenzi b0c0b951a5 pdc/backend: fix permission on cron job. 0755 makes it not run. 1 day ago
  Stephen Smoogen 2316099cbf put in some fixes to make grobimirror more grobi 1 day ago
  Adam Williamson b4b28d98ad openqa/dispatcher: fix bare boolean 1 day ago
  Adam Williamson 2602d052b0 openqa/dispatcher: fix respin test scheduler 1 day ago
  Kevin Fenzi 3bc4b4c0e9 keepalived: adjust for new prune signed copies script 1 day ago
  Kevin Fenzi bf441cff59 koji_hub: cleanup prune signed copies cron/script 1 day ago
  Mohan Boddu 9fb18a7a4d Removing bodhi httpd notify 1 day ago
  Clement Verna d629d24656 Bodhi: fix typo in production.ini 1 day ago
  Michal Konečný c1f14f1ba5 release-monitoring: Add defusedxml to dnf command 1 day ago
  Michal Konečný e83a11590d release-monitoring: Add social-auth-core to dnf command 1 day ago
  Michal Konečný 18d1a67d27 release-monitoring: Update to Fedora 30 1 day ago
  Michal Konečný 00926699ef release-monitoring: Fix typo in deployment config 1 day ago
  Michal Konečný 21b14a0add release-monitoring: Remove cron file from playbook 1 day ago
  Michal Konečný 57a51e95b4 release-monitoring: Change cron job to service 1 day ago
  Kamil Páral 598cf30f5d taskotron: mark rawhide as 31 in baseimages/imagefactory 1 day ago
  Clement Verna 607dcaf3f4 Bodhi: Enable rawhide in staging instance 1 day ago
  Kevin Fenzi 08bfe1d15e style: add initial style guide 4 days ago
  Mohan Boddu 162e717943 Bodhi variants change for epel8 stg testing 4 days ago
  Mohan Boddu f8faf29c79 Bodhi pungi config changes for epel8 stg testing 4 days ago
  Aurélien Bompard a344c67cbd Fix typo 4 days ago
  Aurélien Bompard 8644757f5d Restart the bodhi-consumer pods too when syncing bodhi 4 days ago
  Aurélien Bompard ea33c67e67 Upgrade bodhi in staging 4 days ago
  Luca Bruno a0977162b3
coreos-cincinnati: allow crates.io in egress policy (cont) 4 days ago
  Luca Bruno 48a9d409a4
coreos-cincinnati: allow crates.io in egress policy 4 days ago
  Stephen Smoogen 943c330844 relepel is not a kojibuilder 5 days ago
  Stephen Smoogen 9902102221 I am so slow and stupid without 4 cups of coffee. Make sure all mentions of X are that vesus juyst hosts: 5 days ago
  Stephen Smoogen ade7bc10aa [relepel08] when cutting and pasting make sure the hostname you set is correct otherwise you will end up with the wrong ips 5 days ago
  Stephen Smoogen 029217e4ba put in a host so we can test epel8 5 days ago
  Luca Bruno 70fad76e2f
coreos-cincinnati: add back (tagged) rollout role 5 days ago
  Kevin Fenzi 5a79337b8c rkhunter: Fix some over changed _s back to -s 5 days ago
  Luca Bruno 53dab4e4e8
coreos-cincinnati: update config-stub 5 days ago
  Patrick Uiterwijk ac4a6b4ddc Move the cincinnati stg suffix later 5 days ago
  Mohan Boddu d56e45bf77 Adding coreos-pool to the prune-signed-copies-protected-tags 5 days ago
  Kevin Fenzi ad9d2a06e3 koji_hub: fix to use the correct test. (== instead of is) 5 days ago
  Kevin Fenzi 840e54faaf koji_hub: fix conditionals to check true vs exists. 5 days ago
  Ryan Lerch 304bb44d7a taskotron: remove with_items 2 weeks ago
  Patrick Uiterwijk 1bb928da03 only deploy updates.coreos to stg for now 5 days ago
  Patrick Uiterwijk 70d1dd6605 letsencrypt: add quotes 5 days ago
  Patrick Uiterwijk 532faf5733 Add tags for updates.coreos 5 days ago
  Tim Flink e2147f0ba3 Blockerbugs: adding chronic to cron sync to reduce cron emails 5 days ago
  Patrick Uiterwijk 6ee5bfe5df no-certname 5 days ago
  Patrick Uiterwijk df7acc417e Use certbot for updates.coreos 5 days ago