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callback_plugins First round of porting callbacks to work with Ansible-2.4.0 1 year ago
files Add cert-manager URL 3 weeks ago
filter_plugins filter plugins: Fix group names for - vs _ 2 months ago
handlers handlers: Add a restart fedmsg-hub-3 handler as it's used some places now. 1 month ago
inventory repospanner: fix new ip for repospanner-ibiblio01 1 day ago
library delete_old_oci_images: Add manifest list to the Accept header 1 month ago
playbooks Revert "Revert "kojipkgs / proxy-websites: switch kojipkgs to not use h2 for now."" 15 hours ago
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scripts Fix host sorting 3 months ago
tasks Add pam_url config 2 months ago
vars Fedora vars: drop PackageKit* here as it doesn't work right with dnf module 3 weeks ago
.gitignore Migrate a bunch of things to roles. Thanks to misc! 6 years ago
.mailmap Add a .mailmap to map all my commits to one author in git shortlog. This is purely for my sanity, but also demonstrates how someone else could do similarly if needed. 10 months ago
CONVENTIONS Fix typo in doc 3 years ago
README Undo test 2 years ago remove some jenkins lines 1 year ago Add readme 8 months ago
STYLEGUIDE style: add initial style guide 1 month ago
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master.yml pagure-proxy: drop pagure-proxy as it's not needed anymore. 1 week ago

Fedora Infrastructure

Welcome! This is the Fedora Infrastructure Pagure project.

issues against this project are for issues in Fedora Infrastructure.

git repo of this project is misc scripts and tools for Fedora

If you are looking for the Fedora Infrastructure ansible repo, that is not here, look at:

If you would like to help out with Fedora Infrastructure, see: and