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Kevin Fenzi 62e2fc62c0 mbs_backend: bump memory to 16gb 1 day ago
cache_plugins try a custom cache plugin, then. 4 months ago
callback_plugins fedora_messaging_callback: This should be a } not a ) 4 months ago
files bodhi: remove the manual patch that is now included in 5.2 1 week ago
filter_plugins Drop another place where openshift_pseudohosts_stg is. 4 months ago
handlers autocloud: fare well autocloud, you served long and well... 4 months ago
inventory mbs_backend: bump memory to 16gb 1 day ago
library openstack: remove more lingering files and playbooks and libraries. 1 month ago
playbooks move to using wildcard-2020 for .id and .stg 1 day ago
roles koji_builder: set dnf_warning to false in prod too for new mock 2.x 1 day ago
scripts vhost-info: fix the indentation after adding 4 spaces. 1 week ago
tasks virt-instance-create: fix missing ) typo 2 weeks ago
vars Update variables. We are now post beta and unfrozen. 2 weeks ago
.gitignore [release-monitoring] Add librariesio consumer 7 months ago
.mailmap Add a .mailmap to map all my commits to one author in git shortlog. This is purely for my sanity, but also demonstrates how someone else could do similarly if needed. 1 year ago
CONVENTIONS Fix typo in doc 4 years ago
README A whitespace change. Is it committing right? 4 months ago Add readme 1 year ago
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Fedora Infrastructure

Welcome! This is the Fedora Infrastructure Pagure project.

issues against this project are for issues in Fedora Infrastructure.

git repo of this project is misc scripts and tools for Fedora

If you are looking for the Fedora Infrastructure ansible repo, that is not here, look at:

If you would like to help out with Fedora Infrastructure, see: and