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Kevin Fenzi 22d6785ceb koji_builder: it's capitol V here. 14 hours ago
callback_plugins First round of porting callbacks to work with Ansible-2.4.0 1 year ago
files Add os-node11 also to routers - it's either bootstrap node or worker 2 days ago
filter_plugins Give staging fedmsg also prod policy since we have prod->stg message flow 1 year ago
handlers Handlers should reload systemd, if needed, before restarting services 2 months ago
inventory Correct Bodhi's wiki URLs for staging. 1 day ago
library Look, our very own copy of nova_compute module. We cannot move to os_server because that requires python-shade, which is not packaged for RHEL7. When/if we move batcave01 to fedora we can drop this. 1 year ago
playbooks sundries/virthost/base: fix a nummber of cases of a variable being used as a boot (now a warning) 1 day ago
roles koji_builder: it's capitol V here. 14 hours ago
scripts Fix host sorting 1 month ago
tasks power9: add repos file to point to the right place and fix yumrepos to work with power9 hosts. 1 month ago
vars Release variables: Adjust for f30 release. 2 weeks ago
.gitignore Migrate a bunch of things to roles. Thanks to misc! 5 years ago
.mailmap Add a .mailmap to map all my commits to one author in git shortlog. This is purely for my sanity, but also demonstrates how someone else could do similarly if needed. 8 months ago
CONVENTIONS Fix typo in doc 3 years ago
README Undo test 2 years ago remove some jenkins lines 1 year ago Add readme 5 months ago
TODO test 1 year ago
master.yml master: add them to the openshift area 3 days ago

Fedora Infrastructure

Welcome! This is the Fedora Infrastructure Pagure project.

issues against this project are for issues in Fedora Infrastructure.

git repo of this project is misc scripts and tools for Fedora

If you are looking for the Fedora Infrastructure ansible repo, that is not here, look at:

If you would like to help out with Fedora Infrastructure, see: and