122 Commits (master)

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  Hans-Christoph Steiner a1df5ef86a gitlab-ci: try rules:changes: to limit "fdroiddata fdroid build" runs 3 weeks ago
  Hans-Christoph Steiner 10d5aa6bc4
gitlab-ci: test 'fdroid build' CI job setup 3 weeks ago
  Hans-Christoph Steiner b2b6e62b8d gitlab-ci: fix fedora test failing on Python setup 1 month ago
  Hans-Christoph Steiner e7edd96a02
gitlab-ci: use Alpine 3.11 for lint_format_safety_bandit_checks 2 months ago
  Hans-Christoph Steiner af4a2ab736 gitlab-ci: speed up test runs that do not need git history 3 months ago
  Hans-Christoph Steiner 59018a887b gitlab-ci: ensure android-23 is present for `fdroid build` test 2 months ago
  Marcus Hoffmann f6b7572b10 fix fedora test 2 months ago
  Marcus Hoffmann 2367461465 tests: debian: apksigner is required for the tests to run now 2 months ago
  Marcus Hoffmann d9a6bfb0a9 CI: install pyjks as dependency for tests 3 months ago
  Hans-Christoph Steiner 62c8fd5999
add Liberapay: field with username as data 5 months ago
  Hans-Christoph Steiner bde65aa54d gitlab-ci: switch metadata_v0 test to commit that supports only .yml 5 months ago
  Hans-Christoph Steiner 37f37ebd88
use default accepted_formats since all the files are .yml anyway 5 months ago
  Hans-Christoph Steiner cfa88a5335 gitlab-ci: fix binfmt support for focal to run apksigner 6 months ago
  Hans-Christoph Steiner 0700242416 gitlab-ci: use latest pylint to avoid safety error about vuln 6 months ago
  Hans-Christoph Steiner 052e22284b gitlab-ci: show clear error message when one step of job fails 6 months ago
  Jochen Sprickerhof 86beac22e2 Use libarchive instead of the Python implementation 7 months ago
  Marcus 9d24f2e4a7 add opencollective metadata and index field 8 months ago
  Hans-Christoph Steiner ed46afe262
gitlab-ci: ensure git is installed for pip_install job 9 months ago
  Hans-Christoph Steiner 3de2d0f56f add basic test suite for gradlew-fdroid 9 months ago
  Hans-Christoph Steiner 0fa1f91a23
gitlab-ci: long timeout and many retries for pip installs 10 months ago
  Hans-Christoph Steiner 3df276cc3c
fix all bandit B310 urllib_urlopen 10 months ago
  Hans-Christoph Steiner d8f3d94997
gitlab-ci: remove dscanner exclusions from bandit 10 months ago
  Hans-Christoph Steiner cca78114cb
gitlab-ci: fedora no longer installs difftools by default 1 year ago
  Hans-Christoph Steiner 8d3512763d
gitlab-ci: use a template for a complete apt CI setup 1 year ago
  Hans-Christoph Steiner 0e40387805
gitlab-ci: switch debian/testing back to pure testing, no sid 1 year ago
  Hans-Christoph Steiner 25548023e0
gitlab-ci: check gradle checksums against official list 1 year ago
  Hans-Christoph Steiner a9b8687e94 gitlab-ci: the ubuntu_lts test also tests the PPA 1 year ago
  Hans-Christoph Steiner e2351f6c53 gitlab-ci: move pip job to Xenial, Trusty is over 1 year ago
  Michael Pöhn 716f84ec5e use actually working bandit version when running tests on alpine 1 year ago
  Taco 457cf22361 Added newer ndks, gradles, latest sdk-license, and update java 1.8 version 1 year ago
  Michael Pöhn 102340ec5a fix fedora ci tests: install @development-tools 1 year ago
  Hans-Christoph Steiner 7133cede89 gitlab-ci: add cache, extend timeouts/retries to stabilize Fedora job 1 year ago
  Hans-Christoph Steiner 3b84a82728 gitlab-ci: fix locale checks in pip_install job 1 year ago
  Hans-Christoph Steiner 6925083e57 gitlab-ci: compile locales using gettext and babel 1 year ago
  Hans-Christoph Steiner 9a524fa85d bump RELEASE_COMMIT_ID for fixing metadata_v0 test 2 years ago
  Hans-Christoph Steiner e10c12ffc4 gitlab-ci: fix tests on Fedora 2 years ago
  Hans-Christoph Steiner d9e9cc20aa gitlab-ci: install python3-defusedxml in debian_testing and ubuntu_lts 2 years ago
  Hans-Christoph Steiner 0cd1e0b172 gitlab-ci: include fdroid in bandit scans 2 years ago
  Hans-Christoph Steiner 3ffe2860f3 gitlab-ci: add 'bandit' security scanner to all runs 2 years ago
  Michael Pöhn 14730be812 bump RELEASE_COMMIT_ID for fixing metadata_v0 test 2 years ago
  Hans-Christoph Steiner 60ee69b8bd gitlab-ci: pylint<2.0 workaround to avoid typed-ast's gcc requirement 2 years ago
  Hans-Christoph Steiner e3bd293f43 gitlab-ci: point to fixed NoSourceSince commit 2 years ago
  Hans-Christoph Steiner 6ca09e1bb2 gitlab-ci: update metadata_v0 test for latest metadata fields 2 years ago
  Hans-Christoph Steiner a87df29135 gitlab-ci: pep8 has been replaced by pycodestyle 2 years ago
  Hans-Christoph Steiner 14127bf418 gitlab-ci: combine all lint/syntax/safety checks into a single job 2 years ago
  Hans-Christoph Steiner 74fb07b302 gitlab-ci: switch pyup_io_safety_check to Alpine to be lighter 2 years ago
  Hans-Christoph Steiner 6570e85a2b gitlab-ci: new test case of pip installs on Ubuntu/trusty 2 years ago
  Hans-Christoph Steiner 54b21a6d22 move pylint run to standalone gitlab-ci job 2 years ago
  Hans-Christoph Steiner 3c9cc59c38 gitlab-ci: include fdroiddata yml files in metadata_v0 test 2 years ago
  Hans-Christoph Steiner 0bd276de1c gitlab-ci: add new security scanner pyup.io/safety 2 years ago