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F-Droid Data

build status
Liberapay receiving

Current Buildserver Activity

Build logs can be found at$APPID_$VERCODE.log.gz.

This repository holds general and build information for all the apps on our
main repo on


Install fdroidserver, or just
use it directly from master:

git clone
export PATH="$PATH:$PWD/fdroidserver"

Clone fdroiddata (or your fork) and enter it:

git clone
cd fdroiddata

Optionally create a base and signing keys with:

fdroid init

Make sure fdroid works and reads the metadata files properly:

fdroid readmeta


See the Contributing doc.

More information

You can find more details on the docs.


Many app summaries and some descriptions can be translated as part of F-Droid. See Translation and Localization
for more info.

translation status