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Andreas Gohr 413313a155 Merge branch 'logging' 5 months ago
.htaccess Fix .htaccess files for Apache 2.4 (and 2.2) 3 years ago
acl.auth.php.dist default policy for installer 15 years ago
acronyms.conf Add FYI 2 years ago
dokuwiki.php added logging configuration 8 months ago
entities.conf fix comment typo FS#2923 7 years ago
interwiki.conf add wpru interwiki prefix 2 years ago
license.php use install.php $LC and en default for license url language code 1 year ago
local.php.dist minor tweaks on sample conf files FS#1723 11 years ago
manifest.json feat: use style replacements for background and theme color 3 years ago
mediameta.php refactor detail.php to template.php 7 years ago
mime.conf mime.conf: add SVG image mime type 5 months ago
mysql.conf.php.example Update mysql.conf.php.example 6 years ago
plugins.php BROKEN added enable/disable feature for plugins 9 years ago
plugins.required.php protect authplain and current auth plugin 7 years ago
scheme.conf Make recognized URL schemes customizable via conf/scheme.conf (FS#797) 13 years ago
smileys.conf SVG based smileys 5 months ago
users.auth.php.dist Fix minor typo in the distributed user configuration 4 years ago
wordblock.conf Update wordblock.conf 6 years ago