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Merge pull request #3219 from dokuwiki-translate/lang_update_111_1596591740
8 hours ago
.github/workflows Split out temporary code style excludes 5 months ago
_test adjust handling for greek characters. fixes #3188 1 month ago
bin use envvars in shebang 1 month ago
conf Merge pull request #3000 from splitbrain/license-lang 3 months ago
data readd lib/exe/indexer.php for now. fixes #3137 2 months ago
inc translation update 8 hours ago
lib translation update 8 hours ago
vendor temporarily use geshi master #3108 1 week ago
.editorconfig updated .editorconfig 5 years ago
.gitattributes ignore the .github directory for exports 2 months ago
.gitignore replace Doku_CLI with splitbrain\phpcli\CLI 2 years ago
.htaccess.dist Fix .htaccess files for Apache 2.4 (and 2.2) 2 years ago
.travis.yml use a script to fetch the correct phpunit 11 months ago
COPYING updated GPL2 license text (fixes whitespace issues and typos and updates FSF address) 8 years ago
README link to https sites 3 months ago
appveyor.yml decrease php versions by one 2 years ago
composer.json temporarily use geshi master #3108 1 week ago
composer.lock temporarily use geshi master #3108 1 week ago
doku.php Release preparation 1 week ago
feed.php Renamed constant to RECENTS_ONLY_CREATION 4 months ago
index.php simplified boolean expression 1 month ago
install.php Installer: check for XML parser method. fixes #3207 1 week ago


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