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Concourse: the continuous thing-doer.

Concourse is an automation system written in Go. It is most commonly used for CI/CD, and is built to scale to any kind of automation pipeline, from simple to complex.

booklit pipeline

Concourse is very opinionated about a few things: idempotency, immutability, declarative config, stateless workers, and reproducible builds.


Concourse is distributed as a single concourse binary, available on the Releases page.

If you want to just kick the tires, jump ahead to the Quick Start.

In addition to the concourse binary, there are a few other supported formats. Consult their GitHub repos for more information:

Quick Start

$ wget
$ docker-compose up
Creating docs_concourse-db_1 ... done
Creating docs_concourse_1    ... done

Concourse will be running at You can log in with the username/password as test/test.

Next, install fly by downloading it from the web UI and target your local Concourse as the test user:

$ fly -t ci login -c -u test -p test
logging in to team 'main'

target saved

Configuring a Pipeline

There is no GUI for configuring Concourse. Instead, pipelines are configured as declarative YAML files:

- name: booklit
  type: git
  source: {uri: ""}

- name: unit
  - get: booklit
    trigger: true
  - task: test
    file: booklit/ci/test.yml

Most operations are done via the accompanying fly CLI. If you’ve got Concourse installed, try saving the above example as booklit.yml, target your Concourse instance, and then run:

fly -t $target set-pipeline -p booklit -c booklit.yml

These pipeline files are self-contained, maximizing portability from one Concourse instance to the next.

Learn More


Our user base is basically everyone that develops software (and wants it to work).

It’s a lot of work, and we need your help! If you’re interested, check out our contributing docs.