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Allison Karlitskaya 3d8af4cd12 Revert "Ignore sizzle.js in ESLint"
This reverts commit bea44c256d.
2022-05-23 13:33:09 +02:00
Allison Karlitskaya f743ee7709 eslintignore: ignore cockpit/ and dist/
Don't scan generated files.
2022-03-29 15:52:33 +02:00
Martin Pitt bea44c256d Ignore sizzle.js in ESLint
This has > 6000 errors, and it's not our source. This makes
`eslint test/common/` work as expected.
2022-03-01 11:55:29 +01:00
Stef Walter 986c1bee1b Remove usage of Bower in favor of NPM
Bower is unreliable, and we have to clear out the whole thing
in Now that we're using webpack for bundling, we can
just bundle from nodejs modules instead.

This should solve bot problems that timeout when updating the modules
as well as allow automatically updating dependencies.

After this commit developers need to clear out their build and
run again from scratch.

    $ git clean -fdx
    $ mkdir build
    $ cd build
    $ ../ --prefix=/usr
    $ make -j8 all

Closes #6814
2017-06-09 10:38:46 +02:00
Dominik Perpeet de11477501 Add linting for es/jsx code
We want to treat using undefined variables or having unused variables
as errors.

Closes #5800
Reviewed-by: Stef Walter <>
2017-02-23 08:18:18 +01:00