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Ikea Ansluta remote control by nodeMCU and CC2500 2.4Ghz transceiver via arduino

This project was created to control Ikea Omlopp/Utrusta lights by webbrowser or add it to a home automation system (FHEM) The original remote has one Button. With every push the lights cycle -> 50% -> 100% -> 50% -> off

The remote send a series of data icluded two own address bytes.

  • example: 0x55 0x01 0xD0 0x9A 0x02 0xAA (0xD0 & 0x9A my addressbytes)



Setup Arduino IDE

  • Go to Tools -> Boards Manager and seach 'nodemcu'

  • install -> 'esp8266 by ESP8266 Community'

  • Select Board: NodeMCU 1.0 (ESP.12E Module)

  • Set CPU Frequency to 160 Mhz

  • Select com port

Get the Ansluta address bytes from your remote

  • start Arduion ide, load project files
  • edit ansluta.ino -> set your SSID and Wlankey at row 40, 41
  • write project to nodeMCU
  • determine your nodeMCU IP and connect browser. example:
  • press button on original remote
  • note your AddressBytes
  • edit ansluta.ino -> set your AddressByteA and AddressByteB at row 54, 55
  • write project to nodeMCU

Control the lights via webbrowser

connect to nodeMCU IP press button: off, 50% or 100% to toggle the lights

Control the lights via FHEM

create dummy switch and notify to call the url

define AnslutaButton0 dummy
attr AnslutaButton0 alias Ansluta lights off
attr AnslutaButton0 devStateIcon .*:FS20.on@grey
attr AnslutaButton0 room Ansluta
attr AnslutaButton0 webCmd off

define anslutaButton0_notify notify AnslutaButton0:off  { system("curl") }

define AnslutaButton50 dummy
attr AnslutaButton50 alias Ansluta lights 50%
attr AnslutaButton50 devStateIcon .*:FS20.on@orange
attr AnslutaButton50 room Ansluta
attr AnslutaButton50 webCmd on

define ansluta50_notify notify AnslutaButton50:on { system("curl") }

define AnslutaButton100 dummy
attr AnslutaButton100 alias Ansluta light 100%
attr AnslutaButton100 devStateIcon .*:FS20.on@yellow
attr AnslutaButton100 room Ansluta
attr AnslutaButton100 webCmd on

define ansluta100_notify notify AnslutaButton100:on { system("curl") }

example pictures FHEM and Tablet-UI: